One of the crazy things about summer is my obsession with ice cream sandwiches.  Ice cream would not make my top ten favorite food list.  However, when the day’s heat keeps building and building and it becomes a bit stifeling………well you know.  After a light summer meal enjoyed in the gazebo, a little small ice cream sandwich does hit the spot.  Sure, I have made my own.  Ice cream, sandwich cookies and different add ins.  I have purchased many store-bought brands.  You get the idea.  Mr. Right and I have decided to give up 95% of all dairy.  There is a whole new world out there.  Some wonderful finds, others not so much.   So next time you are in the mood for a little treat (and you don’t have the umph to make your own)  give these a try.

I must say,  both received two thumbs up from each of us.  That’s four thumbs up, kids!  Perfect size, really great taste and fits in perfect with trying to say “goodbye my trusted friend” to dairy. 

Stay cool my friend, spend a couple bucks at the grocery store next time you are hanging out in the frozen food aisle, soaking in all that chilly air.  Love getting goose bumps in the frozen food aisle, it’s crazy I know.

Today, I am grateful for:  371.  Mr. Right who is willing to try new foods & treats with me  372.  books  373.  going barefoot in our backyard  374.  lunch out with a girlfriend  375.  pressure washed sidewalks  376.  stores that have really great card sections  377.  great dairy free options  378.  fabric choices  379.  cool sheets to slip into after a warm day  380.  finding a plastic dinosaur in the shower with a funny note  381.  freshly folded stack of fluffy white towels  382.  the perfect drinking glass  383.  anticipation of going to a craft store tomorrow  384.  knowing there are 6 frozen ice cream sandwiches just waiting in the freezer.  385.  I am grateful to have three freezers.  386.  electricity  387.  having an idea for dinner at 9 in the morning 388.  wives tales  389.  e-mail  390.  upbeat music to dance in the kitchen with

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. pattilynne50

    Well, I love So Delicious Coconut milk but did not know they had a frozen treat!!! Must find them…thanks for sharing…enjoy the upcoming sunny weekend 🙂

    1. Hi there friend in coconut crime…… 🙂 I found mine at Fred Meyer and Whole Foods oh and Marlene’s has them as well. Don’t forget to go on line and find a coupon for So Delicious….they have $1.00 off right now. Makes it so much nicer to try a new product. Yum. Enjoy every chilly bite. Thanks for popping in today.

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