411 to 441 and counting

Remember back to June? https://sundayschildfullofgrace.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/grateful-for-garbage-and-grace/ I decided that would be the beginning of summer to me.  Here we are 78 days later.   Summer is my least favorite of the seasons.  However, this year I decided to keep track of things I am grateful for.  Actually, I am surprised that my list has grown and grown and grown into 411 things to be grateful for.  When I began, I wanted to continue to keep track of at least three things a day.  It just sort of took on a life of its own.   I love, adore, am fascinated, excited, happy and joyful that I have so much to be thankful and grateful for.

Today, I am grateful for things that make me happy: 411.  paper calendars  412.  my sweet dog  413.  swimming  414.  Mt. Rainier  415.  a great marriage  416.  books  417.  bubble baths  418.  you know I have to say coffee  419.  anticipating a friend coming over for lunch  420.  lunch with a bff  421.  my sewing machine  422.  friends who make my circle full and good 423.  piano music  424.  up beat music  425.  lots of ice in a glass of lemonade  426.  lemons  427.  fresh grown and picked blueberries  428.  cardigan sweaters 429.  the smell of cinnamon rolls baking  430.  making bread  431.  sending postcards  432.  receiving postcards  433.  new recipes that turn out spectacular  434.  the feeling of bathed in Grace  435.  snow  436.  sand in my sandals  437.  my exercise bike  438.  white typing paper  439.  grilled salmon  440.  words like, amazing, spectacular, stellar, stunning, giddy  441.  fresh pedicure