What Mother Hubbard does on Mondays.

You know that feeling of cool air wafting over you as you stand in front of your refrigerator?  You know the pose, the one where your right hand is holding onto the door and your left is resting on the left side?  Or vice versa?  Since we were 8 or 9 years old we have all done it.  About two years ago, our family quit doing that pose.  Completely, never again.  You see on almost every single Monday, I fill the refrigerator.  This morning, it was looking empty.  Now, it is bursting with goodness and eye candy when that light pops on.  I filled it with really nutritious foods to grab and go.  Eat this until you can actually figure out if you are thirsty or hungry.  Really high quality, delicious, appealing food.  Some wrapped individual, some items in bowls with clear tops so you can see what you have to choose from.  Some are ready for the week ahead lunches, some are for snacks.  I tidy up the shelves, clean out and make room for the goodness that will be filling ‘er up!

Today, I filled it with:  a humongous bowl of Four Bean salad,  huge bowl of Toasted Brown Rice, a container filled with Asian Rice Balls, a plate with cut up cucumbers and sliced carrots with garnish, a bowl of humus, a bowl that contains 6 hard-boiled eggs, a huge pitcher filled with homemade juice, a container with Lentil soup goodness just swirling with flavor, a vegan herb “sour cream” dip for veggies or crackers, fresh bowl of homemade peanut butter.  Tomorrow, I am adding a bowl of Tabouli.

As I type, a batch of homemade granola bars are baking.  They will be wrapped individually and then put into a special container in the freezer.  Easy to grab for lunches.  On the counter rests a clear gallon jar filled to the brim with a cereal mixture.  I mix mini shredded wheat, Grapenuts, almonds, granola, peanuts, dehydrated strawberries.  Somehow the jar gets emptied by the end of the week.  I have a loaf of homemade bread thawing on the counter.  I made two loaves last week, which happen to be perfect for toast.

Now that is done, time to figure out what’s for dinner.  Our life is easier, healthier, calmer and less dramatic if you act and think a little bit ahead of the week.

I have a girlfriend who roasts two chickens on Mondays.  They eat one for dinner and the other is taken off the bone and plated with garnish and placed in the refrigerator for snacks or sandwiches or something to add to the top of a rice bowl.

All of us need to fill our heart and souls with pure goodness.  You can’t do that if your stomach is empty of really wonderful nutritious foods.  One of the ways that I feel good about taking care of the people I love is to make sure our refrigerator is full and ready to go.  Say GRACE and for the love of a really great “find” in the refrigerator, dig in!

Today, I am grateful for:  442.  fresh almond butter  443.  trip to the ocean to cool off  444.  having two refrigerators  445.  food to fill the refrigerators  446.  fresh juice  447.  iced latte in the afternoon  448.  Vintage earrings that came in the mail today from e-bay!  449.  fans  450.  clean light fixtures  451.  new shower curtain liner  452.  properly working bathroom drain  453.  snacks  454.  a new cook book  455.  gorgeous red geraniums on the deck  456.  tomatoes turning red in the garden  457.  green apples  458.  my Dyson  459.  great computer speakers  460.  fresh folded and stacked neatly laundry  461.  ironing done

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  1. KatherinesDaughter

    Yummy, it feels good to have good stuff for yourself, isn’t it? I love when I have lots of healthy options…xo

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