10 things you didn’t know about me

1.  I don’t care for chocolate desserts.

2.  I iron our sheets and pillow cases.

3.  I listen to Susan Powter every single day.  Yes, she has a potty mouth.  Some how she inspires me, teaches me, and makes me accountable like no one else.  I think she is a gem.

4.  I dislike eating salad.

5.  I went for therapy for a year at the University of Washington.  It was for “dental fears”.  Cost a ton, did not help one bit.

6. I vacuum daily.  I love to vacuum.  Since my knee replacement, it is the most difficult task for me to accomplish daily.

7. When I wake up grumpy and out of sorts, I put on an unusual amount of jewelry that day and it somehow makes me happier.

8. I wish I had grown up to be a pilot.

9. I have zero tolerance for laziness.

10.  I sent my first Tweet today.

Today, I am grateful for: 500.  Having 500 things to be grateful about since June 1st!!!!!!!!  501.  the “bold” feature for font  502.  Having two really great sister in-laws in my life 503.  Tazo Giant Peach iced tea  504.  lots of ice in my glass 505.  the children’s book, James and the Giant Peach  506.  a really good husband  507.  cushion pads for the backs of my vintage clip on earrings  508.  a washer and dryer  509.  a dishwasher  510.  Mr. Right who empties the dishwasher every morning before he goes to work.

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