a charming birthday girl

Today, is my friend’s 50th birthday. Today, the things I do and the actions I take are all to honor her.  We have been friends since we were four years old.  She is a stunning, tall drink of water with gorgeous long blond hair.  She has young kiddos still at home.  She is a “horse girl”.  She has this amazing spirit of pure goodness. This quote always reminds me of her………”Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others.” In photographs you can see the strength that emanates from her.  She is a smart cookie.  She collects heart shaped rocks.  She is continually learning to be a better person.  If you met this woman, you would say, she has Grace.  Her actions are of kindness.  She has high morals and values.   Talk about a giver?  Wow, the amount of young people that she inspires, helps, lifts up, puts above herself, takes under her wing…………just takes your breath away.  Oh and one more thing  she is married to a dentist……………..urgh…………..yeah, yeah, nice guy…………blah, blah, blah………….this typed by the girl who failed one year of “dental fears” therapy!  sigh………………Okay, so you are asking yourself…..how on earth can a curly, dark, haired, empty nester, kayak loving, short (next to her), quilter, baker, piano practicing, museum loving, seamstress, that is a teeny bit nervous around (read that as intimidated by) horses and collects rolling pins and sea glass………….remain friends all these years?

Our hearts are somehow connected.  We are connected by the memory of making little flowers out of kleenex and bobby pinning them to our hair.  We are connected because we went to the same elementary school and university.  We are connected because we played dress up in the font yard in our mother’s dresses.  We are connected because we made “chive” soup in the back yard for our siblings.  We made them eat it, haha.  The recipe you ask?  Pick fresh chives from the garden, then add water from the hose.  TA DA!……..

How on earth could I start the day with a Poptart and coffee to bring honor to my friend or for that matter honor myself?  Today, I started the day with amazing glass of  juice. Oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries topped off with some sunflower seeds filled my bowl.  As my oatmeal cooked, the deep, red, strawberries were thawing.  I love that we froze some from earlier in the summer.  The  jaunty blueberries were tossed in and thawing as well.  (this year we picked 7 quarts of berries plus more here and there off of our two, yep TWO Blueberry bushes).  I made myself a glass of juice as I waited for my oatmeal to finish.  I grabbed a bowl and headed outside.  I picked some cherry tomatoes, parsley, rosemary, basil & mint.  Then back inside, I gathered up a fresh carrot, a couple leaves of beet greens, fresh garlic and a big chunk of ginger.  I included celery, cucumber, a slice of juicy red pepper, a pear, an apple and a handful of watermelon.  Stuffed it through the juicer and drank deeply.  How easy is that?  Love, love that I bathe myself in the Grace of a fresh glass of goodness in the morning. 

Today, Mr. Right and I will deliver school supplies we are donating for the new school year. Every kiddo needs new supplies, brand name supplies!  I will gather a few more goodies for a care package that will fly its way to a medical student.  I have a couple of bags of Goodwill items to drop off. I will ride my bike four miles and walk the dog two.   I will honor my friend by my actions.  I am a better person because she is part of who I am.  I somehow feel held to a higher standard because she is in my heart.  No, she doesn’t know or hear about every single “good” action or deed that I do.  My actions are my own.  I am proud to call her my friend of 46 years.  I want to behave in a way that would make her say the exact same thing of me.

A true friend is somebody who can make us do what we can.  ~ emerson

Today, I am grateful for:  524. a long time friend  525.  the woodpecker knocking on my bird feeder  526. juicer and juice  527.  chive soup  528.  memories of playing dress up  529.  my dryer  530.  a chicken cooking on the stove for my dog  531.  books  532.  fresh herbs  533.  Mr. Right  534.  a sleeping Golden Retriever near my feet  535.  a huge basket of green apples  536.  chimes on our clock  537.  dinner planned out for tonight  538.  two working headlights  539.  the promise of rain in the forecast

2 thoughts on “a charming birthday girl

  1. Miss Daleen, I LOVE your blog & you give me things to think about, sometimes with a tear in my eye.
    Its inspirational on many levels. Off to try my hand at making cookies for my puppers.

    1. Hi there Miss Renee, so glad you stopped by! Great to hear from you. You are so silly. Since 2005 I have been baking dog cookies every single week! Yep, that is what I “do”. You “do” soaps and lotions and potions and I “do” gourmet dog biscuits worthy of your companion! http://www.doglegdesserts.com
      Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE your lip balm?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look forward to stopping by your booth at the SLHS craft fair.

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