cookies and bacon bits

One of the reasons that I started a dog cookie business back in 2005 was because our boys moved to college and beyond (those rascals).  I loved baking for them.  I knew right away that I could not bake as much for Mr. Right and I.  We tried to share often, just wasn’t enough.  So I bake cookies for dogs.  No calories for me and I still get to feed that baking addiction I can’t seem to quit.

Fall is in the air, YIPPY!  I love back to school time.  We love to donate school supplies & take little extra supplies to kiddos we know.  A little (soon to be) first grader said, Miss Daleen can you please bake some chocolate chip cookies with NO nuts for my lunch box?  I can’t imagine under what circumstances that I would not bake an entire batch of goodness for her and her (soon to be) fourth grade brother!  My oven has been going full steam ahead.  While the cookies baked and cooled I decorated little boxes for each of them.  I wrapped up the cookies two at a time , for easy freezing and filled the boxes to the brim.  I tied one box with a pink ribbon and one with purple and gold ribbon (Go Huskies!).  ps.  I made two of those beauties with no chocolate chips.  Being the chef does indeed have privileges.

While cookies baked, I continued my interest obsession with cooking/baking/trying almost every single thing in Lindsay Nixon’s ( I love Lindsay, sounds like a great tv show!) “The Happy Herbivore” cookbook.—Easy/dp/1936661381/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1346356818&sr=1-1&keywords=lindsay+nixon%27s+happy+herbivore Today’s success was found on page 137. Bacon Bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me.    So happy, I want to bake a potato right now and toss on some of these orbs of goodness!!!  I want to make baked potato soup “like all the other mothers” …name that movie……I can’t remember how many years, probably over 20 since I have enjoyed a good Bacon Bit.  These puppies have no MSG and no pork………..she had me with the picture.  I would have to say two thumbs up and 5 gold stars!  Only two thumbs up because Mr. Right hasn’t had the honor of trying these yet.   Do yourself and your family a favor, check out her book, better yet, buy it.