soap bubbles and a movie

With some limited abilities, I am not able to get on my  knees and scrub the devil out of my shower floor.  Oh the scrubbing reminds me, I do love that scene in the 2000 movie “Chocolat” where the housewife is scrubbing the shower…………..sorry I digress.  I love the shoes the main character wears.  I love that they embarrass her little girl.  I love the pretend world the little girls sees as so very real. I love that the curtain is pulled back to see the rawness behind the scenes of the church leader.   So worth watching again.  Actually, for some silly reason, it is one of the 6 DVD’s that we actually own.  weird.

Don’t you love it when friends share great tips and recipes?  (you are a gem CJ), she shared a wonderful little honey of a recipe.  Because of some shoulder difficulties, she can not scrub the devil out of her shower either.

My new shower cleaner is:

1 part warmed white vinegar (warm the vinegar for the initial mixing, mixes easier)
1 part blue Dawn Dish liquid

Mix in a spray bottle.  Spray.  Let sit a bit.  Rinse.
Not too bad on the environment.  Pretty darn cheap and already uses the white vinegar I buy by the gallon for cleaning anyway. I would have to say two thumbs up.

Now, sure I am going to have to sweet talk Mr. Right into really giving it a good “Army scrub” once a week or so, but for every day upkeep, I am loving this blue magic. Love to hear what you think.

Today, I am grateful for:  540.  watching paratroopers slip out of a C130 and the parachutes open one by one  541.  coffee, you know I am grateful for that  542.  cool animal print band aids  543.  Mr. Right leaves a letter for me each morning  544.   his stick figure drawings  545.  the extra sticky notes he leaves by the computer each day  546.  I love the yellow colored paper  547.  having 14 days of food for the dog made and in the freezer  548.  a companion to walk every day  549. yesterday, wearing my pretty sparkle earrings that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas  550.  really nice silverware  551.  high quality baking cocoa  552.  having money to buy school supplies for kiddos that don’t have enough  553.  cherry tomatoes ripe and waiting for me to pick  554.   colorful art that inspires me  555.  found a sweet girlie purse to use for the wedding  556.  pale pink t-shirt under a grey sweater  557.  postcards ready to send  558.  manners  559.  good listening skills  560.  phone manners  561.  supplies to make bubble bath  562.  Grace given to me freely, it’s Amazing

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