45 year old piece of paper

Yesterday, in a little church in Vermont, a person stood up and introduced his beautiful (inside and out) bride of 45 years.  After, during a surprise gathering for a meal they cut and devoured a replica wedding cake (made by my very artistic and creative niece), they toasted, they dined and they celebrated.  For a surprise gift from their sweet daughter, they spent the rest of the time celebrating at the Wildflower Bed & Breakfast in Londonderry, Vermont.  In case you were wondering, this is what 45 years of marriage looks like:

respect, kindness, humor, love, happiness, tears (a lot more happy than sad), honor, religion, steadfast, fun, surprising, calm, dreams, committed, dedicated, patriotic, loyal, intelligent, value, safe, honesty, silliness, sharing,  concern, a smidgen of frustration, best friends, pure goodness and the list continues……………..

The next time a young couple asks you “what’s the big deal with tradition, why should we have a piece of paper that says we are married? It’s not that important, it is old-fashioned, it’s just a piece of paper.”  Tell them how good and strong and full of Grace a solid old-fashioned marriage looks like.  Tell them what a 45-year-old piece of paper looks like.  I can tell you a little bit.  It looks wrinkled and a bit rough.  It looks weathered and marked.  The paper feels soft from use.  It is faded from where a few tears have fallen.  It has been crumpled where you have “grabbed it and crushed it to your heart in celebration and relief”.  When you look at a piece of paper like that, you will wish it was your treasure to tuck into your cedar chest.

“…and the two shall be called one…”  Matthew 19:5

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