Thank you

It’s Monday morning and I for one want the day to start off 100% positive.  One of the ways that I am making sure it does, I already wrote and sent my first Thank You of the week.

I sent it to Washington State Patrol.  Yep, you read that right.  Mr. Right and I are always saying we are very glad, grateful, happy that we have a WSP officer living in our neighborhood.  So I wrote a thank you letter.  I wrote and told them how grateful we are that the WSP has the insight and wisdom to allow their employees to drive their “company” vehicles to their home addresses after their shift. 

We like to see that logo splashed across the driver’s door.  We like that sense of order, calm and peace that driving into our neighborhood brings.

With the election around the corner and everyone and I do mean everyone talking about taxes and paying them, too much , too little ….blah, blah, blah………………I for one am grateful that somehow a little bit of our taxes are helping to pay for and support the Washington State Patrol.

May God watch over them and keep them safe as they watch over our great state and our little neighborhood.