Say Grace and Oooh, La, La

One of the things about choosing to eat a better quality of food, while out and about doing errands or on a weekend get a way you have to plan ahead.  That cooler of ours is always packed to the brim.  With great choices, I will admit, at times, over the top and a bit expensive to be honest.  A few years ago, I would feel sad and upset that we couldn’t just “stop and get something”.  I wanted to feel special with special and wonderful treats all the time.  Thank heavens I grew out of that phase.  We are blessed to have money in our restaurant envelope (thanks again, Dave Ramsey), it was the choices that were the hold up.  For example,  one particular place that sells chicken the problems were … the MSG and the well, chicken………….I can enjoy the salt packet and the spork.  LOVE the spork.  However, with nothing to eat, it doesn’t come in that handy.  We wanted to just stop and get some quick food and be on our way.  In a very strange twist of fate the horrid allergic reation to MSG and frustration it has cause is yeah, yeah, you guessed it a blessing.   We make better and wiser choices because we had to at first, now we bathe ourselves in the grace of making wonderful choices because we choose to.  Did that make sense?

Yep, even if I go out to run 6 or 7 errands I pack a little cooler.  This past summer, while making my usual errand stop at the library, I ran into a lady and her little girl three times.    They were having a little mini picnic in the back of their SUV.  Just a little food and drink box so they wouldn’t have to stop for fast food on the way home.  I like that.  I like that the mom thinks ahead.  I usually pack water, homemade granola bar, a banana, a bag of popcorn, homemade peanut butter or some pretzels….sure I may find something along the way that fits the hunger bill or it just isn’t the time for a meal………..nevertheless, I am ready.  I have been told that, I may get, um, a bit grouchy when I get hungry or thirsty.    I can’t seem to think straight or be very nice when I am thirsty or hungry.    The mini cooler fits the bill.

After a day of errand running, home for a great meal already planned out is ideal.  No pressure to figure something out.

Make these ahead of time and have them ready to go, please trust me on this!  Have some gently placed in your freezer ready for you to nab and create.   The Happy Herbivore cookbook  to the rescue again, it is long past time to whip up some of her meatballs.    fyi:  buy a packet of Teacher Gold Star stickers when you get the book, you are going to need them all.  The gems inside the cover of this book will shock your socks off  (oh yeah, that reminds me ….”Socktober is coming!  We get all new socks in our household and we give socks to others…………everyone should celebrate Socktober, just good clean fun)…..back to our original blog of talking about food.

1- 14 once package of  Gimme Lean beef style, 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 1/2 cup almond milk, 2 Tablespoons ketchup, 2 Tablespoons prepared yellow mustard, 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning, 2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast, 1/2 teaspoon soy sauce, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, some garlic powder and onion flakes….Preheat oven to 350*, combine all the ingredients with clean hands in a large bowl and make walnut-sized pieces and roll them into small balls……………Bake on a silpat lined cookie sheet 10-15 minutes…………Oooh la la……… end up with MOIST, flavor packed delish meatballs ready for spaghetti or sub sandwhiches…………..on the page 165 of my Happy Herbivore cook book…..I have doodled, 5 pen drawn stars, one gold stick on star, the dates, and the words at the bottom in red…………..Holy Moly these babies are Amazing.   Make a couple batches while you are at it.  Freeze some of those beauties.  Make her marinara sauce while you are at it.  SWOOOOON.

Okay, while out and about pick up a bag of sub sandwich buns.  Once home, chop up one onion per person and get those little lovelies a frying.  Yep, use a touch of oil in that big old black iron skillet that you have stashed away.  Get some iron, baby!  Keep those onions cooking while you put away groceries, look at the pretty covers of your library books, put remaining dollars in the correct envelopes, toss the change in the vacation jar, and here is the important part…………….change into your favorite old, tired, soft, loved, stretched out t-shirt.  Trust me on this one.   This is not going to be a shirt and tie, ball gown kind of supper.  This is going to be roll up your sleeves and swing your feet beneath your chair, rub your hands together, grab a big ol’ stack of paper napkins and start building.   What are we building you ask………….big, fat, sloppy, drippy (yes, that is a word), flavor filled, messy, talk with your mouth full,  Meatball Sub Sandwiches with a copious amounts of caramalized onions tumbling off of and crammed into a toasted bun and smothering little orbs of goodness called meatballs.  Did I mention lots and lots of golden delicious caramalized onions?

Say GRACE and for the love of a Oooh, La, La meatball sub sandwich dig in and if you are as lucky as me, your Mr. Right will go back for seconds and THEN ask for one to be packed up for his lunch tomorrow! (note, I pack it all separate and he built the sub just before he ate it)

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