Please don’t lick the outside of the house, thank you.

Two sweet Grandgirlies (and their mom) visited our home yesterday.  It was a day for a ladies lunch and some sewing.  Lunch went well (note to self, serving Black Bean Soup plus April Cornell placemats and napkins equals not such a good idea).  However, I get to serve the ladies in my life with the nicest of placemats even if it means a little extra soaking after.  Makes me smile.

…and another thing that makes me smile……….Grandgirlie is learning such good manners.  When she sneezed yesterday, she automatically said Bless You, to herself.  Love that and it made me smile.

While sewing, Grandgirlie was coloring while I sewed and her mom had left with her sister for a few moments.  I heard a choking sound.  I stopped and jumped up and rushed over…are you okay?….Are you choking?  Did you eat a crayon?  She just looked up at me and smiled and said, “FAKE”.  Good golly, a two-year old who is learning to fake me out.  nice.  However, it made me smile.

Sweet Girl toddles off to get some magnets off the refrigerator and bring them back.  I went to see what was taking so long.  “Someone” had the ingenuity to put the little step stool next to the counter in the kitchen, then put a box that was wrapped and ready for mailing on top of it, so “someone” could reach the basket of Golden Delicious Apples on the counter.   Yum, apparently the one she was eating at the time, wasn’t enough or she was sampling to see if any others were better?   Seeing the step stool and the apples made me smile.

Sadly, the day had to end.  The sewing finished and Grandgirlie number two was loudly telling us her gums hurt and she was mad about it.  Really, really mad about it.  As I helped load up the car and the toys and the blankets and the completed coloring pictures etc……Grandgirlie number one was outside under our kitchen window licking the siding.  I had my hands full and was busy.  I just automatically said, “Please don’t lick the outside of the house, thank you”.  Just then the daughter in law came out and said, “I can’t believe you told your Grandgirlie, not to do something!”

While smiling, I said, “I can’t believe I just said that sentence!”

The day made me smile all evening long….by the way…..I am still smiling this morning!  Grandchildren are our reward for having to say no all the time to our own kiddos!  I am more than grateful for all the smiles.

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  1. Lori Bisping

    Ha! The apples just made my day! What a clever wee one you have there! That is hilarious

    Have a great week end. I will be catching up on homework that is behind from doing my other homework : (

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