Say Grace, Put out the fire and dig into some Peach Cobbler

How to keep a 30+ year marriage hot and happy.

When the lawn mower dies and the weed eater catches on fire IN THE SAME AFTERNOON!………..go inside the house and make a Peach Cobbler.

Once Mr. Right comes in and showers off he will be in need of some TLC.

Enter Peach Cobbler.  Grab your Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (page 261).  Just make it. 

Magic + Peaches + a very sassy and smart wife = save the day.  Totally saves the marriage.

Husband is laughing and talking with his mouth full of warm, slightly sweet peaches.  The topping is the perfect touch.

Say Grace, sit quietly and listen to the whole story over and over one more time, and eat Peach Cobbler with him.

That my friend is how happily ever after works.  The end .


5 thoughts on “Say Grace, Put out the fire and dig into some Peach Cobbler

  1. Lori Bisping

    Hmmm maybe that would work for the kitchen and part of the office that still do not have electricity??!! It might make me forget about the sore throat as well…just maybe. It looks yummy! I think I will try to make some.

    I hope your week end went well (except for the lawn mower, weed eater stuff : (


    1. Oh, I am so sorry to hear you do not have full electricity yet. Oh gosh, you can go without doing more yard work……….sort of more difficult for you in the house. dang………..I am sorry your throat is still sore…………..If you still feel okay tomorrow, looking forward to going somewhere for (most certainly electricity) and yes COFFEE!!!!

  2. KatherinesDaughter

    Boy, does this look good! I don’t have a betty crocker cookbook though. How easy/ hard would it be to post the recipe? xo Joanne

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