Please don’t lick series continues…

Grandgirlie’s parents and baby sis are in Hawaii.  For some reason or another, I have been called upon to utter that crazy phrase………..”please don’t lick…., thank you”.

We went to lunch on Saturday.  After her lunch she was happy and put her head down on my leg.  I looked down, then yep, I said it, “Please don’t lick my jeans, thank you”.

Yesterday, while throwing tennis balls for the dogs……….it popped up again, “Please don’t lick the dog’s tennis balls, thank you.”

Today, while blowing bubbles, I amazed even myself in uttering the now famous phrase, “Please don’t lick the bubble wand, thank you.”  Then later this afternoon, while chalking on the deck…………how did you know?  “Please don’t lick the chalk, thank you.”

I thought we were done for the day…………nope.  While at the playground I had the binkie on my finger behind my back,   I actually said to our usually well-behaved golden retriever, “Please don’t lick the binkie, thank you.”

While the sentence is getting old, having play time, craft time, reading time, beach time, playground time etc… with a grandgrilie is new and fresh and happy and joyful every single day.  Have I mentioned lately just how darn lucky I am ?


2 thoughts on “Please don’t lick series continues…

  1. KatherinesDaughter

    She is so cute! What a lucky grannie you are (despite having to say “please don’t lick” a hundred times! xo Joanne

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