The “Please don’t lick” series comes to a close, for now.

Just for good measure, last night while waiting for Papa to come home from work, Little Miss Grandgirlie was waiting by the front door, looking out.  It was her last night to spend with us.  So, as I threw the dish towel over my left shoulder and hustled by to pick up a few more books and toys, I uttered the now famous words, “Please don’t lick the screen door, thank you”.  Thus ends the “please don’t lick series” for a while.

I won’t share pictures of the empty swing set or the bags of 37 library books, checked off the list and bagged ready to be returned.  I won’t show you the empty guest room, the clean penguin bowl to put away.   I will show you a little part of the deck.  Do you notice the watered plants, no golden mum flowers or buds laying on the ground?  What’s missing?  Yep, no chalking, no little grandgirlie washing diggers, nobody to lick tennis balls or bubble wands.  Just neat and tidy and BORING AND PRETTY SAD!

Just a gentle offer, if any of you out there would like to hear a rousing rendition of “How much is that Doggie in the Window” or “If you’re Happy and you Know it Clap your Hands”, I am your gal.  Just whistle.

ps.  For the love of grandgirlies and boys across the land, “Please don’t lick your computer screen, thank you”.

pss.  We are NOT having “chicken” nuggets nor vegan Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight.  The end.  Amen.

psss.  Have I mentioned lately, just how darn lucky I am?  Having little grandbabes is really a sweet deal.

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