Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Our turkey has been in the brine for a bit over 24 hours………ready to be stuffed with apples and onions, cinnamon and rosemary…….ready to go in the oven.

Pumpkin pie is cooling on the counter, stuffing made, cranberry (with a hint of orange)  sauce made, cookies frosted, apple cider chilling, coffee pot ready to go, linens ironed…….

Potatoes need peeling and beans need snapping………. hoping the daughter in law will let me hold a baby or two while she makes some gravy for the meal.

I am taking a break to have a bite of lunch.    A moment to count our blessings.   Mr. Right grew up in Quebec.  We celebrate two Thanksgivings a year.  We count our blessings twice a year and then some.  It is easy to invite friends to our home for the celebration in October.  It doesn’t usually conflict with any of their “big” Columbus Day activities.  This year we are hosting bit low-key, with fewer people.  With a wedding in 14 days, I just didn’t feel up to a huge gathering.  Days like this make me wonder if I should implement the “potluck” version of Thanksgiving dinner for 25?  Sometimes, cooking everything from scratch for so many…..makes me shy away.   Maybe if I let go of some control, the dinner may not end up being such a huge undertaking……….maybe it is time?  Maybe it is time for me to be grateful for others in my life and “allow” them to bring their favorite dishes and share.  That way we all would shine and we all would enjoy the day.  Maybe it is good food for thought for me.  Just maybe next year, when I mail out proper invitations, just maybe it will say “please bring your favorite dish to share”.   I have about 11 months to work on that.  I think it is something I might be able to bring myself to do.  I like hosting meals.  I am just wondering if it is time for everyone to share and me to be a bit more gracious and kind and welcome everyone AND their favorite dish.  Could be a huge lesson for me to tackle………I promise to give it some thought, until then…

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

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  1. KatherinesDaughter

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! And yes, I think it’s a wonderful idea to ask others to bring something!

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