Sock it to me!

Here we are again, just 12 months after the last one, and to think it just seems like yesterday…………….Happy Socktober everyone!  Happy Socktober!

Yes siree, it is time once again to revisit that familiar pass time and celebration……….. Socktober!  We all know it and love it.  You KNOW that time of year when you weed out all the old, rather dingy looking, slightly thin and certain pairs with the letter “D” written in black sharpie may have some holes in the bottom.  “someone” who has the letter “B” written in black sharpie on the bottom of his socks (for insurance that no one will steal said socks and wear them and put holes in them)  loves this time of year.  He loves to unwrap the brand spankin’ new white piles of socks and get out that famous sharpie and write initials on all the pairs.   Oh, and you thought once you became empty nesters you got the privilege and honor of wearing just plain socks?  Silly, silly people.

As not to think we are too selfish and crazy this time of year we spend our entire envelope of charity money on………drum roll ……….you guessed it…………SOCKS!  We put a pair in college care packages, we had to find some top quality, best you can find boot socks to include in a soldier care package to Afghanistan.  Tonight we bought 30 pairs of hot colored, polka dot, shocking stripes and argyle patterns to donate to a clothing bank that caters to dressing kiddos.  Grandgirlies are getting new socks.  Adult kids are getting socks.  Making new baby socks to give as a shower gift.  Everyone can use new socks.  New black dress socks found their way into Mr. Right’s sock drawer (all lined up perfectly).   With the grandgirlies taking an airplane trip next week……..yep, you guess correctly……..sock puppets for both!  On a more serious note, the remainder of the charity money will be spent on brand new good quality mens socks.  They will be donated to the Tacoma Mission in a town next door to us.  Yes, we can be silly and goofy………however, if you don’t have a home or a nice comfortable sofa or easy chair to sit down in, taking care of your feet is pretty darn important.  Yep, we will be donating socks, socks and more socks.

Sure it is easy sometimes to just donate some money.  Heck, now days you can just text a certain number and donate to many organizations that way.  This is a hands on holiday people!  Get out there, buy some socks for someone.  Choose some happy socks, baby socks, teenage girl shocking lime green socks, donate to a soldier, those college care packages are not going to fill themselves.  JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON!  This holiday will ROCK your SOCKS!  Give until you can’t stop laughing.   Yes, we will share the names and places that we donate to.  Or you can figure out some great need in your area.

This is our fourth (annual now) Socktober.  We talk about it, we save for it, we laugh about it.  This is pure goodness.  This is easy peasy.  You can donate one pair for $1.00 or you too can clean out that charity envelope and together we can change the attitude of people and kiddos everywhere.  WE CARE and by golly WE are going to Rock your new SOCKS!

Now get movin’ and make a difference.   “Your mission Jim, should you accept it is………get out there and tickle some tootsies”!

ps.  It is the morning after I posted this blog…………just drove 23 miles round trip and added 42 more pairs of goodness to the stack!!!  This holiday ROCKS!!!

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