nightstand notebook notes from 3 this morning

Only and only our youngest son could talk a fancy schmancy California caterer into somehow adding in his favorite dish of all time…..”Garlic Mashed Potatoes” to the wedding line up of food. 

Who thought adding chocolate to instant Cream of Wheat was a good idea?  Where do they find focus groups to A.  try this stuff  B.  Say, “sure, people will buy that”.

When did Sears in Puyallup, Washington stop selling men’s dress shirts?  Really?  Next,  I went to the “wrong” JC Penney’s store and they don’t sell mens items in that store………..sigh………..Hello, Macy’s.   I bought two.  period.  This is one of the reasons I don’t like shopping.

Why on earth would “they” think it was a good idea to put HFCS in tomato paste?  Why on earth, didn’t I read that label?

Had a major melt down yesterday about my dress.  I ask you, who really looks at the MOG (mother of the groom  to all you rookies out there) and what she is wearing?  I am hoping that they look at my kicky shoes and fabuloso Mocha colored hair with Caramel highlights!

Why is the economy so bad that a favorite bead store has to close?  She was in business for 17 years.  Who is the politician that I can talk to about this?  Our economy is the pits.  Ever hear of a budget people?  Small business owners are trying their hardest.  Even the best of the best are running out of steam.   Mr. Romney or Mr. Obama, I can meet you at the Blue Iris Bead Shop in Kent, Washington any time you can fit it in.  Her closing date is sometime in December, so whoever wins, you have an invitation to come take a bead class and discuss the economy.  There are a whole bunch of us ladies who would be more than happy to fill your noggin with ideas.  Then we all go home with a kicky beaded bracelet and problems resolved.  easy peasy.  done.

The song “Run A Way Sue” from the 70’s……….now that is a toe tapper.  Makes you want to dance around on Sunday morning with your hubby.  Hey, random thoughts pop in your head at three in the morning.

My dog LOVEs left over pieces of home-made waffles!

I am grateful for two cups of coffee this morning.  I type that as Mr. Right is brewing another pot.  Yes siree people, it is a two pot of coffee morning.   Butterflies in the stomach.  We have a week to go.  Count down to wedding 2012.

I am grateful for two friends who sent about 70 text messages to talk me through my major dress meltdown yesterday.   I am a lucky girl.   These are the kind of friends who will say how pretty I will look and really sound sincere even though we only have a few days to go and there is not much I can do at this point.  I am going with the idea of “I am trying not to outshine the Bride!”  theory.  Work with me people.

I am going to go bike four miles and get some butterflies to fly away.  Talk again soon.

May we all be bathed in Grace today.  Somedays we need it more than ever.

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