Say Grace, it’s Tuesday …..

I am going to share a recipe OH goodness with you……..easy peasy, quick, yummy, people will think you slaved and slaved over a hot stove & you WILL NEVER GO BACK TO CANNED, ever.  period.

Because I am lucky enough to live in the great state of Washington, every single time I go to the grocery store this time of year, (no matter what I am buying), I buy four bags of fresh cranberries and toss them in the freezer when I get home. Yes, we have some gorgeous cranberry bogs and tons, literally tons of cranberries in this state.   So, if something sinister happens to me and you have to come clean out my huge freezer, you will not have to say, “oh she was crazy, just look at all these cranberries! She must have 70-80 packages in here!”  You will know the real honest to goodness reason.   No, I do not make Cranberry Bliss Bars from Starbucks all the time (I have the recipe and only make once a year and I share tons, so I don’t eat them all), we use a cup in our daily juicing. …vitamins, minerals and all that jazz?   They contain:  vitamin C, E, Zinc, help promote healthy teeth and gums, contain antioxidants, ward off heart disease, help ease rheumatoid arthritis and on and on and on……. drum roll please………………………….dum, ditty, dum, ditty, dum, dum, dum…………  I make cranberry sauce!

Before you can’t really wrap your head around the difficulty of making this stuff…………..Quick, grab a bag OH cranberries, one big, fat, plump, juicy Orange and some sugar.  Yes, honest to goodness sugar.  No judgement, no substitute, no honey………….just sugar.  The real deal.    Okay, zest that orange onto some wax paper.  Chop the orange in half and squeeze all that delicious juice into a measuring cup.  I use a wooden reamer, however, I have a friend who collects those little ceramic and glass jobbies that help you juice a piece of citrus, whatever works for you.  You need a cup of liquid, so get your frustrations out and squeeze baby squeeze!  Just to be clear, squeeze the orange NOT a baby!    If you don’t get quite a cup, just fill the remainder with some water.   Okay, in a sauce pan add your 1 cup liquid, 3/4 to 1 cup sugar, the zest from that big ol’ orange and a 12 ounce bag OH cranberry goodness!  Stir, cook, simmer for 10 minutes.  DONE.  Really?  Yes really.  Done and I don’t care that everyone in your home loves canned. “We have always used canned”.   I don’t really want to hear that you are so closed-minded that you don’t want to try something new (really old, I guess).  The time has come for fresh.  You and your family deserve fresh with NO chemicals and no additives.  Fresh and delicious and oh sooo good.

Say Grace and I will be praying you have some turkey or a turkey sandwich to spread it on………….and for the love of the sweet tangy taste, dig in my friend, dig in.

ps.  I forgot to mention that you have to wash these beauties before you cook with them.  No, you don’t need to use soap and a cloth and wash each one…….I just pour them into a sieve and spray with white vinegar, then spray with hydrogen peroxide, then some clear water.

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  1. jan

    Thank you for making it clear to me, not to squeeze a baby! I’m such a cruddy “cook” I might have tried it. They do say girls are made of sugar and spice:)

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