quick, one final lesson before you walk down that aisle

In the words of John Wayne, “slap some bacon on a biscuit and let’s go we’re burning daylight”. So we would substitute fake bacon and use  a home-made biscuit and to be honest this is our first trip ever that we are not leaving at the precise military time of “O DARK THIRTY”………………however, today, we hit the trail.  We move out.  We are headed to the great state of California….land of “swimmin’ pools and movie stars”.  Okay, while our hotel does indeed have a swimming pool and work out room, I am not quite sure how many movie stars we will actually see or visit with.

Within the past say 4 months our family has been invited to, presided over, prayed for, sent gifts, sent cards, been apart of, celebrated with and babysat for………you guessed it, several weddings!  One wedding in particular that we heard about, the MOB (mother of the bride) was, how shall we say…..less than kind or friendly.   My ears perked up and I made a vow right then and there………..after our son’s wedding people would NOT be talking about the MOG (mother of the groom), ME, like that!

Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.  Ephesians 4:29

So…………….we have made list after list, helped, sewed, planned, encouraged, stitched and listened to ideas etc………last night at 10:35pm was the last phone call.  The groom to be was driving home (talking on a hands free device, apparently in the great state of California it is a $400.00+ ticket for talking on your cell phone, thank you Mr. Policeman for gently encouraging this lesson that every parent is trying to teach, sorry it stung the pocket-book son..lesson learned.)  He had worked extra hours and will today work a bit then take some much-needed time off to celebrate and pull off a wonderful stress free (?)  ….no one has said that, just wishful thinking………… wedding.

It was our final chance to talk to our kiddo.  Yes, he is 27, however, we are still his parents and it was time for some straight talk and not asked for advice.  We have been over and over all sorts of topics.  Last night was the real deal.  This is going to be overwhelming.  This is going to be the event of all events to celebrate in your life.  You may become distracted, a bit unraveled at times, forget to eat properly or drink enough water……..blah, blah, blah…………Here it comes.  You are now the main host of this party.  You will set the tone.  You have been taught well.  You know the rules.  The time has come to put it all into practice.

It goes without saying that your dad and father in law will make sure that all the right people are tipped for their services.   It is now your JOB, HONOR, RESPONSIBILITY to go to ALL of the people who helped put on this celebration and look them in the eye, shake their hand and say a heartfelt and sincere thank you.  I am quite sure you will thank your friends, the DJ, the caterer, the lady with the clipboard, the flower girl…..blah, blah, blah……………The person you have been raised to be, requires that you seek out ………the caterer assistants that lift crate after crate of food and utensils, the grounds keeper who unlocks that front gate, the janitor who holds the keys to the toilet paper cupboard, the gardeners who knelt down and weeded that spectacular garden you will stand in the middle of, the pool and fountain person who wore hip boots and mucked around and got the pump to work and the algae cleaned out and yes the men who will be taking care of each and every one of your guests cars………the list goes on……..grace them with your words.

Honor the presence of God in each one you meet.

We are thrilled and excited to be headed to our youngest son and future daughter in law’s wedding.  I am wearing my “Mother of the Groom” t-shirt today!  I promise to share pictures and sweet snippets that happen on our amazing adventure.  I promise there will be no other blogger in the land who will write about this MOG being nasty or rude or short-tempered.   I will grace others with my words and actions.  I promise.

May we all be bathed in Grace as we welcome a new bride into our family.  I will be back next week.  My family will be bigger, in addition to a wonderful new daughter in law, we gain two more sisters, a mom and a dad and aunts and uncles and the list goes on and on……….I am sure our hearts will be full to overflowing.  My notebook will be filled with doodles and notes here and there, so I don’t forget one special moment.

We ask for and sincerely appreciate & thank you for your prayers of safe travel.

May we walk (drive actually 19+ hours) in his Grace, as we dance through the celebration!

Que the music please.

4 thoughts on “quick, one final lesson before you walk down that aisle

  1. Shannon

    Wishing you and Bruce a very safe travels to the land of swimming pools and movie stars. An early congrats for your family and wish nothing but the best for your family!!! May this be a wonderful and beautiful event!!

  2. pattilynne50

    Will be with you in spirit, dear friend…have a marvelous time!!!! Of course we’ll be praying safe travels for all involved… ❤

  3. Jan

    I know your trip will be safe, and full of wonderful adventures and memories:) So excited for you!!!!!!
    P.S. great job on the hankie!

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