no Hallmark card needed

For a couple of days now, I have been trying to find the words to talk about my friend.  Sounds easy enough.  However, I was trying desperately not to sound like a Hallmark card.  Then this morning in the shower it hit me.  She is, what we share, IS WHAT HALLMARK CARDS ARE describing.  They are the ones trying to come up with the perfect words.  Not me.  I live it.

We share almost the same birth date.  We have know each other for somewhere near 35 years.  We both have two children.  We both have really great Mr. Right’s.  We both can be tickled to smithereens over a sassy pair of shoes.  Our lives have been swirling around each other for so long, my Mr. Right knew her Mr. Right before he even knew me! ha

I could use a million and one quotes that Hallmark uses to describe “friendship”.  For once in my life, I don’t need to use someone else’s quote.  What we have is what other people write about.  Wish they had.  Admire the years we have woven (read that as sewn) together.  Here is something everyone should know, she is the one who saw my shoes for the wedding before anyone else.  She actually saw the first color, the return, the wait and then cheered with glee at the final choice!

Our son and daughter in law chose to have a destination wedding.  That means, everyone comes from someplace else.  That means, 2,598 miles for our friends, family and neighbors here in Washington state.  They chose to cover us in the Grace of friendship.  We did not have to ask.   They waited with us, while the younger generation figured out the timing.  They came up with paper towels when needed.  Heck her Mr. Right even commandeered a serrated knife from the hotel kitchen when it was “desperately” needed.  They helped us when needed and then somehow in the middle of the wedding madness build up found time to have a late, sumptuous supper with us at a gem of a  place called “The French Bulldog” in Camarillo, California.

She knows me well.  She knows without a smidgen of doubt that I would only order a PLAIN  cannoli  not chocolate. Somehow she knew that they would be needed during the wedding.  Not just to help pull it off, not just to somehow magically encourage the two-year old grandgirlie, flower girl to “do her job”.  Somehow she knew we would be grateful/need/appreciate/value/ would never forget the grace we felt just by having them by our side as we walk through the celebration.

We are to the moon and back grateful for the kindness and grace and well just plain old fashion pure goodness they bathed us in.

Take that Hallmark!  Nothing you print or copy can compare with what we have.  You are not even close.  There is no card on your shelves no matter how pricey that can adequately describe the gift we have been given.  Sure we could have made it through the celebration if they were not able to join us………..but I shudder to think ………where would the strength, and sparkle have come from?

Take your breath away friendship.  Plain and simple.  Amen.

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