a proposed NEW tradition

The bride wore little secret treasures that Graced her day with goodness.  She wore take your breath away, stunning earrings from her grandmother.   Pinned to her bouquet handle was a piece of our family Tartan along with a brooch from her new husband’s great, grandmother.  When I shortened the sleeves of the Mother of the Bride’s jacket, I used some of that left over material to sew a secret pocket inside her wedding gown.  Inside the pocket contained a penny that her new father in law gave her.  She carried the handkerchief that was chosen for her 19 years prior by her future husband.  I embellished it with a few stitches to make it her own.  Yes, I stitched in some blue flowers for her “something blue”.

I have the good fortune of having a friend, the friendship has swirled more than 36 some years.  She was unable to attend the wedding.  Her plate is full to overflowing and I am old enough and wise enough to say, I completely understand and mean it.  She and her family offered to take care of and love our Sweet Golden Retriever while we were gone for a week.  It was a huge relief and comfort to know that our sweet girl was well cared for.

In a twist of fate, she offered to let me borrow a bracelet.  Her bracelet, a vintage piece from her mother’s collection.  It has gold findings, flecks and is saturated with tangerine color.  I promised to take good care of it while on our trip.

As I prepared to dress for the wedding (no I won’t share all the magic and wonder that went on underneath that gown), Mr. Right helped with the clasp of the bracelet. 

As I held onto the gentleman’s arm while I walked down the aisle, the bracelet twinkled at me.  As my hands were folded during the ceremony, I caught a glimpse of the color.  While dancing the mother son dance, with my arm extended the bracelet again winked at me.  When Mr. Right asked for my hand to head over to the dance floor, there it was again.  As I swirled and twirled to the music, the bracelet and the spirit of my friend followed along.

Having that piece of jewelry encircle my wrist, reminded me of just how much pure goodness comes with true friendship.  I felt the warmth and kindness and love of my friend.  In the middle of the big, huge, splashy celebration, I had a secret spirit gracing me with pure goodness.  Unbeknownst to me, I needed the strength and courage to move forward through one of the happiest days of my life.  Of course, my friend is there during dark times & goofy coffee dates….how was I to know that I was going to need her strength and courage to walk through a joyful celebration?  I thought of her and was very grateful to have her with me in spirit.

…and again, no Hallmark card or quote could even come close to how I felt about not just borrowing the bracelet, but borrowing a piece of her heart.

I propose a NEW tradition:  Every mother of the bride or groom should wear something borrowed from a friend.  It was a lovely thing to happen to me.  I will share my idea with other MOBs and MOGs.  I will offer a piece of my jewelry to friends.  Turns out, it is not just the beautiful brides that need “something borrowed”.  It just so happens, that each one of us could use a borrowed piece of someone’s heart.

As I watched Mr. Right marry them, I sat alone.  I had no idea I ended up needing a touch stone.  Yes, I had a friend behind me, seated in one of the wooden, white chairs.  However, when I looked down and saw the sparkle of the bracelet, it warmed my soul…….

Have I mentioned lately how grateful and lucky I am to be bathed in the Grace of friendship?  Next time I blow on a fluffy dandelion, I am going to wish such goodness for everyone I know.  It feels lovely, simply lovely.

6 thoughts on “a proposed NEW tradition

  1. KatherinesDaughter

    This is so good I posted it on my Facebook page! What a great idea! And….beautifully told…xo Joanne

    1. Thank you Joanne. What a sweet compliment. Glad someone other than me thinks it’s a great idea!

      Our prayer candle has been lit and will continue to be so. We are lifting all those in the path of the storm headed their way. You are on our list to think of and send good wishes to. We sincerely hope you and your family and friends ride out the storm and it is realitively calm. Stay safe and dry my friend, stay safe. Thinking of you.

      1. KatherinesDaughter

        I think we will have lots of rain and a day or two of winds. Thank you for praying for us! xo Joanne

  2. Loved your blog. It was worth waiting for. I am so happy for you that you were bathed in friendship on your recent wedding journey. The warmth and sparkle of a treasured piece carried you through the days.

    I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE your idea for a new tradition!!!

    This message was shared by another friend, KP. Love ya!

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