Ruby Rain slippers

Our prayer candle is lit and positive thoughts are headed towards the East coast and the people in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

If you do have some rain or a puddle or two where you live, here is a gentle suggestion:  I love my new Aquaducks!  They are the perfect rubber soled shoe to walk to the mail box or hit the grocery store.  I bought the correct size for me, there is plenty of room to wear a pair of socks with them.  The inside of the shoes are plaid and the outside comes in blue, black, tan, yellow or cranberry (which I call Ruby).  With the rubber soles, they offer me great traction.  On each shoe there is a kicky little leather bow tie.  Just the right amount of sassiness. 

While I am not so sure they will work for the inches and inches of rain predicted during the big storm coming ashore, they are ideal flats for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

They are so dog gone cute, you want to do a little jig and dance in the rain.

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