Happy, I mean it, Happy Halloween!

Today’s list of happy and pure goodness…………..

I love that the caterer at the wedding had a plate of mac and cheese and some chicken nuggets for a special flower girl. (It made her happy and she dug right in)

It made me happy to see a special homemade Anaheim Ducks garter, black and orange with a charm from the team. The bride made it to surprise and delight the groom.

Happiness squeezed in when we stumbled upon a great little out-of-the-way Sushi restaurant on our trip.

I love and it makes me happy that my Mr. Right always, always carries a clean, white, pressed handkerchief in his pocket every single day of his life.

I love the idea of giving special treats on Halloween.  A friend got quite a sparkler as a treat!  Makes my stomach dance for her!  She is happy and I am sincerely happy for her.

I felt happy to buy a new lantern.  It reminds me of a happy dinner out with friends.  Just looking at it makes me happy.

The leaves that have fallen on the wet wooden deck, look picture perfect.  That scene makes me happy.

Love that Mr. Right dug the guts and gore out of our pumpkins so I could just do my carving this year.  Now that is pure happy!  Choosing creepy and spooky things to carve makes me happy for some weird reason.

Baking makes me happy.  Baking a special treat for Mr. Right today.

Planning our next vacation makes me happy.

Counted cross stitch makes me over the moon happy.

Planning a date night makes me happy.

Watching our dog greet her master when he comes home from work each night IS pure happiness!

November around the corner makes me happy.

Walking in puddles in my new Aquaducks makes me deliriously happy.  ha




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