A November to be Thankful

This past summer, I loved keeping an ongoing list of things to be grateful for.  I sort of miss doing that.   Today is the perfect day to start a month of things to be thankful for.  Maybe not a long numbered list?  Maybe it will be enough for me just to remember to be thankful  and say so each day this month? My life seems to flow more smoothly and just have a little more sparkle to it when I remember to count my blessings.

I am very thankful for a husband who loves to take tours and learn new things and by the way, takes me along for the adventure.   I love that feeling of parking the car, turning off the engine, gathering what I need, grabbing the camera and setting out to explore something new to us.  The anticipation and the wonder are almost palatable.  There is a giddiness in the air.  Like kids on a home school field trip.

This new place was discovered while on our trip home from California.  You can look it up on the map or google.  The name is Corning, California.  Olive capital, USA!  We stumbled upon a gem.  www.lucerooliveoil.com   First let me say, while visiting Lucero every single person we met was kind, friendly, helpful & knowledgable.  Each had a smile on their face like they were about to share a secret that they were so proud of.  Somehow without being brash, they managed to convey how proud they were to be apart of something of such value and integrity.   Oh my, between the crushing, vats, bottling, packing and then to the exquisite tasting room……….it is an overload of pure goodness for your senses.  As your feet walk across a polished wooden floor you are somehow propelled to listen and learn more with each step.  We sampled.  We took pictures.  Somehow, it felt like the timing was perfect.  After the celebration and bustle of the previous few days……….somehow, stepping into the world of California Olive Groves was just the adjustment we needed.   I took a picture of a penny next to an olive.  We had NO idea that they grew to that size (the olive not the penny).  We learned that they pick them when they are 60% ripe……..their craft is to find the right and exact balance of flavors to create the ideal flavor.

Want to know a great marriage secret?  Share and learn something new together.  Be in the moment and thankful together.

Lucero’s  award-winning olive oils and balsamic vinegars are simply exquisite.  We bought bottles to bring home, we came up with a list to share as Christmas gifts.  We decided on the ideal thank you gift.    Their products are of such high quality you feel privileged to purchase with the soul intent to enjoy and share.  A family business that you sincerely wish the very best for.  We have been graced with the soul soothing taste of gold medal quality.  We will support this American company as long as they continue.  Mr. Right and I are both so thankful that we decided to stop.  They had us at “Hello, welcome to Lucero.”

2 thoughts on “A November to be Thankful

  1. KatherinesDaughter

    I love olive oil and this sounds like so much fun. What a great idea! And, I love your new blog look (is it new?)….I like changing my themes around once in a while too! Lovely….xo Joanne

  2. Hello friend, we fell head over heels in love with the Ascolano Olive oil and the White Lemon vinegar. Simply stunning.

    Yes, siree, I was goofing around and stumbled upon a new look. Thought it was time for something fresh and different. I am with you, love changing the themes around, sort of points me in a new direction of writing.

    Thanks for stopping by. Love that you take the time to drop me a little note. 🙂

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