Merry Christmas, soldier

Our post lady Diane, just now picked up two packages by our front door for delivery.  While I appreciate the service of printing my own postage labels and having the post office pick up my packages…………..does anyone else wonder why the post office is loosing money?  I am charged 80 cents LESS for them to come to my home and pick it up?  Oh well, another problem for another day…………..

One of those packages was a care package, flat rate to a APO address.  Yet another care package to a soldier in harm’s way.  The box included great snacks as well as Visine, Ben-Gay, wet wipes, zip lock bags and more.  The more?  A Christmas card and Candy Canes!  We are hoping that it will arrive in Afghanistan in time for Christmas.   Yes, I know it is November 5th, 2012.  It is just somehow between here and the East Coast, then on a plane to another country, a smaller plane to a certain place, then to a make shift mailroom,  then to find him somewhere in the desert……we are hoping it is in time for a Christmas.

There was also a stack of 17 cards we mailed out today.  Thank you cards, or gratitude cards if you will.  We sent out our Vetern’s day cards.

We are more than grateful for the freedom and protection we enjoy.  The very, very least we can do is send them a note to say thanks.  While chatting with a friend this morning, she gave me the idea of gratitude cards.  Maybe while teaching our young children to write thank you cards, we should also talk about being grateful.  Use the words “grateful cards” while teaching.  Not just thanks, a more sincere way to express a greateful heart through our written words.  We want to convey heartfelt gratitude for something someone did or gave.  I love thinking of it that way.  Seems like I am more inclined to write a note of gratitude.  I am grateful for what you have given.  I want to take a moment to say so.

Bathing someone else in Grace, by sending a note of gratitude, I like it.  Oh, I still love to make and send Thanksgiving cards, we have a ton to be thankful for.  Actually, I wonder how Hallmark and other card shops stay in business?  We seem to receive less and fewer cards each year.  I love to make and send out Valentines.  People don’t spend the time anymore.  Thanksgiving cards………….people say, too close to Christmas and we have to send out cards then.     Last year Mr. Right came up with the idea that we really make an effort in 2012 and list all those in our family/friend circle who have given service to our country and send them a card of gratitude.  A sincere, heartfelt, hand written, stamp and envelope card of thanks.

The practice of gratitude is something we have been seriously focusing on for the last 10 months.  Sure we have been aware and thankful in the past, however, this year we made it a priority.  Something lovely has happened.  While we were only going to focus, be grateful and truly only think of others………..during the process, we ourselves were bathed in Grace.

You can’t spill perfume (gratitude & grace) on others without getting a bit on yourself.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, soldier

  1. KatherinesDaughter

    We are sending Thanksgiving cards at work; I think gratitude cards are a GREAT idea! Beautiful post! I shared it on my Facebook page…xo Joanne

    1. I knew I loved you! Thanksgiving cards are the best. Okay, in our attempt to stay young, fresh and hip…………..since we are friends for real, let’s figure out how to become friends on facebook? In other words, let’s ROCK our kids worlds by using all kinds of social networks, haha! Love ya. Hope to see you on facebook!

      1. KatherinesDaughter

        Are you already on???!! Just “Like” me on Facebook…See my homepage on my blog for the link!

  2. pattilynne50

    Lovely idea… just got home after yet another TOO LONG day and was joyfully surprised by a very touching card in my mailbox. That is the very first Veteran’s Day card I have ever received. 🙂
    I served during the first Gulf War but did not deploy — it was during the years the Ryan and Josh were born through preschool age and a very uncertain situation for a new mom – God was good and let me stay with my family. I feel like I did so little compared to others but it is very heartwarming to be remembered 🙂

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