It’s Tuesday, Say Grace and please pass the Boursin Cheese!

One of the reasons I am able to cook and bake with pleasure is because I have the good fortune of owning excellent knives.  While living in Europe we saved up and bought one a month, sometimes, like the chef’s knife, it took three months of savings.  I have very few, each has a job to do and each is razor-sharp.  Thanks to “my guy”.  No, I am not on a first name basis with him.  I call him Sir and he calls me Mam.  We shake hands after each visit.  I look him in the eye and sincerely thank him for helping me feed my family.  He is a retired US Army military man.  He works out of a little tiny booth/cart, not much wider than his chair, on Fort Lewis, Washington.  He charges $3.00 per knife. I pay $4.00.  I love that he works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  He says by working, he gives his wife time to do crafts and such without him bugging her.  He gets to sit and talk Army talk with lots of the younger guys.

Today is election day.  I made a nice appetizer platter to enjoy in front of the television while we begin watching the returns.  I have a huge sprig of Rosemary, some California olives & almonds, crackers, White King smoked salmon and some Boursin Cheese spread.  It is easy and is so fresh tasting.

In the food processor add 1 clove garlic, 8 ounces cream cheese ( I use a tofu version, which ROCKS by the way), 1/2 cup softened butter ( I use Earth Balance vegan), fresh oregano, dill, basil, thyme, and some pepper .   If you don’t have fresh herbs, just use the dried, works well in a pinch.  Process until smooth, stopping twice to scrape down the sides.  This makes a really delicious spread.  You can freeze up to a 3 months or refrigerate one week.   Serve with a great spreading knife.  Mine is engraved from an etsy shop and it reads……. Spread Peace.  Just makes me happy every single time I use that cheese spreader.

So, make a nice appetizer platter and set it out for you, your family & your Mr. Right.  Open some sparkly water, PRAY for our Country, and for the love of the FREEDOM to VOTE, Say Grace and dig in.

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