Two, two reviews in one

I loved that Doublemint commercial when I was little.  I always wanted to chew gum.  I thought it looked “cool”.  My mother had other ideas….”ladies do not chew gum”.  I do remember once or twice my grandpa giving us girls a stick of gum.  We chewed like there was no tomorrow, mouths open, smacking, laughing, as fast as we could.  If “she” found out, we were doomed.  I am quite sure she smelled the spearmint a mile away.  It was just a bit naughty and fun all rolled into one.

That has absolutely nothing to do with my post today.  ha ha, just popped into my head, and to this day, I do not chew gum.

First part of the review: head over to one of my favorite bloggers….Marian Parsons at  You will find her to have such a kind heart and spirit.  She really does bring out the best in you (well me).  She is uplifting and inspiring.  Sometimes when following “do over, make over decorating” blogs or pictures or sites it all becomes jumbled up in my brain and I end up doing nothing.  For some silly sweet reason Miss Mustard Seed is not in that category.  She has a secret way of sharing that makes you feel like you can do it no matter where you live or how much moola you have to spend.  She says over and over in all different ways……”God has given you talents for a reason so you can feel fulfilled using them and then share them with others.  Putting your gifts to good use will bring so much joy to your life..”  She is just one good egg.  (you know the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory good egg vs. bad egg scene?)

Second part of the review:  She wrote a book!  Quick like a bunny, I put it on my Christmas Wish list.  Then I hopped onto the library wait list and added the title there.  Guess what happened?  I actually got the book at the library.  I have started reading, only a few pages a day………I so want it to last.  Then I was thinking, should I take it off my list?  NO WAY JOSE!  Inspired You (Letting God Breathe New Life into Your Heart and Home) by Marian Parsons  is one of those books you will read again and again and share with a girlfriend.  She gives you hope on every single page.  She gently scolds you (well I was reading along and saw me in her sentence) about trying to create a magazine worthy home.  She gently reminds us the reader that it does not have to be perfect.  It has to be clean, could use a dose of inspired warmth and beauty and be a place you AND your family consider safe and homey.   I just fell in love with the way she writes and inspires.  When you open the pages, Grace sort of falls into your lap and you smile.  The book stays on my Dear Santa wish list.

ps.  yep, after all my Christmas sewing, I am going to create pillows out of drop cloths and stencil them myself!

pss.  I miss the Hockey season!  Why can’t they come to an agreement?  sigh

“We need not power or splendor; wide hall or lordly dome; the good, the true, the tender, these form the wealth of a home. ~sara hale

4 thoughts on “Two, two reviews in one

  1. I looked up Miss Mustard Seed, she’s very interesting, so I started following her on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest?)….I love making my house warm and cozy so I’m always looking for good ideas!
    That is awesome she wrote a book (I want to write a book someday, how about you?)…how inspiring! I’ll have to keep a look out for it! xo Joanne

    1. Hello friend, Pinterest…….is junk food! I can’t stop looking at ideas and pictures and things to make and crafts………I find myself spending way too much time looking and not doing, haha.
      Yes, Miss Mustard Seed is over the top inspiring. I wrote a couple of children’s books when our boys were little………….never really thought of a book to write now…………wait……….it might be fun to work on? fast forward……..I may write one and then have to thank you in the acknoledgement page for suggesting it! Okay, here we go, buckle up girlfriend, we both could be authors in the future and meet up at some fancy schmancy authors conference. woohoo!
      ~thanks for stopping by……love the way you think!

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