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I am not a fan of shopping out and about.  Yep, you read that right.  I feel like I am the one and only woman who does not like to shop.  If I find a sweater or shoes I like, I buy two, cuts my shopping down by one trip.  On line is a whole other story.  I like having Christmas gifts and fabric delivered to my door. I just am giddy when the UPS man delivers that familiar shaped box with cute and sassy  SHOES inside.   I can have a load of laundry going, dishwasher going, listening to music, petting my dog AND shop online at the same time.  love that.

While reading through Miss Mustard Seed’s book “Inspired You”  she tells folks to …shop your house.  What?  She had me at stay at home……………..  She encourages us the reader to look around your home, find something you love and make it over instead of buying new.  oh swoon, my stomach just did a flip-flop.

About a month ago now, dear friends joined us for dinner at a wonderful Bistro called, The French Bulldog in California.  I do remember the food being wonderful and melt in your mouth delicious.  The company was lovely.  I remember being in the middle of “wedding preparations”.  So I am not sure why I fell in love, and I fell hard ……………with the big, huge, chunky lanterns that were part of their decor.  On the floor, near the bar, when you walked in……….just placed around in groupings with large white cinderella pumpkins, set on the dyed dark gray polished concrete floor, I loved the reflection of light.  I loved the quiet elegance.  I loved the calm.

Some of you may have seen this lantern before.  It used to hang above our bathtub.  Mr. Right put it on a pulley system so I could lower it, five candles lit while taking a bubble bath.  I had intertwined silk blueberry branches in the top and just loved the look for about 5 years.  Time for something new and fresh.  Yesterday, I took it and gave her a good cleaning and added some new candles and took away the branches.  Fresh, clean, elegant, just the look I was aiming for.

Mr. Right loves when I use battery operated candles for the most part.  I do use some that are the real deal.  When we have a dinner party, I always, always, ALWAYS count and write down the number of candles I have lit.  When all the happiness and confusion and excitement of a dinner party is over, I can easily go around and put out the correct number of candles. (um, one time, I left a small votive burning in the guest bathroom overnight…….thank heavens no damage, no harm…….HUGE lesson learned).  While I do use battery operated, there is something about a real burning candle.  Edith Wharton said it best, “There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  Great thought to think on.

I am not sure that my fascination, love, interest bordering on obsession is about the lanterns or the good memories associated with candle light.  When I was a teenager, while on a retreat right beside Hood’s Canal, Washington………….a ton of girls made “lanterns” out of milk cartons, sand and votive candles. (let’s not think of all that littering, just stick with me on this) Okay, think for a moment, teenage girls, laughing, jumping, skipping, hugging, smiling, tossing their long hair, their short hair, their tangled curly hair………….no nothing bad happened quite the opposite……but as an adult now, wow that could have been trouble!  We all lit our candles and let them go in the water.  We all began singing………”It only takes a spark, to get a fire going and soon all those around, will warm up to its glowing………..”.  It was 35 years ago and I can still feel the pure goodness.  I am so thankful that some adult came up with that idea that has stayed with me for a long time.  I made the connection right then and there to my spiritual life and candles.  We will get out our Advent candle wreath soon.  We light candles in church.  I light our prayer candle almost daily for someone in our lives that needs our prayerful support.

I try and Grace our home, every nook and around each corner with goodness and a spirit of warmth.  The candle lit spirit of Grace.

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”  Buddha

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  1. pattilynne50

    I love the coziness of candles…my silver lining in every power outage is how wonderful the house smells as I burn different scented candles throughout! Even the January 2012 ice storm — over three days of no power, no heat, FREEZING temperatures — but we had wood smoke and candles!!!

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