goodie, goodie, gumdrop

I feel like I owe it to myself to write about goodness and joy after my little blog melt down yesterday.

Joy……….here’s one, quick like a bunny go visit this etsy shop  Her name is Sarah, she has some really lovely things and such a creative and joyfilled spirit.  News Flash, in real life too!  I happen to know she received a request for a special order.  Her answer revealed her true heartfelt character.  That of giving, kindness and pure goodness.   She is one good egg.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Tacoma Art Museum yesterday.  We took in the Andy Warhol exhibit.  Oh my goodness,  I was caught off guard.  There were many more pieces to this particular collection than I had thought.  I have read about and studied Andrew Warhola (real name) in the past.  This time around, I learned even more.  Maybe timing was just perfect.  It was a rather gloomy, gray, rain-soaked day in the Pacific Northwest.  So the intense pops of color and splashes of  bold paint most certainly spread joy and happiness to every single person who was fortunate enough to see the display.

Bond, James Bond.  I am not a “go to the movies” kind of gal.  It is not on my top 20 favorite things to do.  I do not care for it one little bit.  However, I like 007 more than I dislike going to the movies!  It was good, really, really good.  It was action packed from the moment it started until sadly it was over.  “Skyfall” was one of those good ones.  Pure action,  pure entertainment, pure rush.  Just loved every single moment of the movie.  Well worth stepping over my aversion to movie theaters, well worth the moola, well worth the time.

I received a really great present yesterday.  A friend brought me a gift bag with orange tissue.  Nestled inside were some gorgeous pinecones she picked up while on a recent trip to Bend, Oregon.  Everyone knows I love pinecones, just adore them, pokey and all that.  I just love that she thought of me on her trip and brought me  a little piece of goodness.  She is so thoughtful, it makes my toes tingle a little bit.

I am very thankful that in our house we have a sort of unwritten rule………you write a “I am not happy” letter you also have to write a “thanks for the great product or service” letter.  I suspect that rule tumbles over into blog writing.  So for my rant and rave yesterday, here is my goodie, goodie gumdrop blog posting today.

Much to be thankful for and lots of happiness to be found.  It is all around us.  We just have to make the effort to see it.

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