may the force be with you and me

Part of the beauty of having your own blog is that you get to rant and rave so you can sleep peacefully during the night.  Heads up, if you want to skip my ranting and raving, I will totally understand.  If not buckle up, I do have opinions.

In an article written by Diane Diamond today, the West Point Code of Honor was written out for all to see….“I will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do”.  It was mentioned that General David Petraeus still to this day, uses this guiding force in his life.

Now, this will probably surprise many of you.  I think we as a country, got our money’s worth.  Somewhere between 1 million and 4 million dollars we as a nation bought and paid for one of the most brilliant military minds in recent history.  He was well-educated at West Point for four years, he went on to be a trained at Ranger School, he went on to the United States War College, he continued on with his education at Princeton (paid for and continued to make $50-60,000.00 per year while studying) to earn a Master’s Degree as well as a PhD.  He “paid our nation back” by serving our nation in the military for more than 30 years.  He gave back expertise, knowledge, blood (shot in the chest during training) broken pelvis from a jump, sweat (moved his family 20 times in 30 years) tears, the last 5 of the 6 years in the military he was away from his family and then some.  He (and his wife) gave us another fine military man in the form of his son.  His wife has worked tirelessly for 38 years for other military families.   This ends his fine military career.  Time marches on and so does he.  We as a nation were “paid back”.   He retired and became a civil servant to our country. 

As a former military wife, I have seen first hand the “code” played out.  Yep, we have friends who have graduated from West Point.  We have loved some, liked some and others we could have done without meeting.  Just like every other group of people with a common interest, there are good eggs and some not so good eggs.

NEWS FLASH….you don’t have to go to West Point to learn ethics, morals and good conduct.  I happen to be related to one military man and married to another military man.   Neither one wears a West Point ring.  Both raised children with this in mind and live every single day of their lives by a code, a guiding force if you will.   “I will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do”.    Here is another news flash NEITHER man has it as a bumper sticker!  BY THEIR ACTIONS NOT THEIR WORDS, THEY LIVE THAT CODE EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES.

What I mean is, behave however you want, that is your business.  For Pete’s sake, you do not have to put it on the bumper of your car!  If you have a little metal Christian Fish stuck on your car, don’t flip people off while driving.   If you have the name of a college surrounding your license plate, make sure your tags are current and the car is kept up…..or people will think poorly of your alma mater.   In the same thinking pattern, if you want to live a life that is not quite honorable, STOP telling everyone you went to West Point and the guiding force in your life is not to lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do”.

I have to answer for my behavior.  My husband has to answer for his behavior.  I am good with that.  We have to look into the mirror and sleep through the night. Check and check.

Our country is in somewhat of a pickle.  We still have 60,000+ troops in harm’s way.  There are rumblings in North Korea.  There are trouble spots around our globe.  We need to protect our Liberty and Freedom.  We need good men and women to do just that.  We are in desperate need of morals, values and ethics.

May the force be with all of us.

ps.  I am writing this the following day.  Please read the comment section of this posting.  A very interesting and thought provoking question was asked of me.

2 thoughts on “may the force be with you and me

  1. I just read yesterday’s paper with my morning coffee and there was an article about General P and how it is possible that the entitlements afforded to a man of his stature just plain ol’ went to his head. What do you think about this? Like you said, I still think the man did great things for our country. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in his integrity though. He is a role model to many young men and having a young son age 26 myself (not in the military) I hate to see this kind of example set. Still, we are all human, aren’t we?….xo

  2. What do I think? I think we both write about Grace all the time. I am trying to really see the good. I am trying to separate the military man from the civilian man. What I think is……………..
    No situation, no amount of money, no amount of entitlements should be able to change the character, morals, ethics or integrity of a man or woman……………….only reveal it.

    My stomach is sad to even have to write that. Thanks for making me think it through a bit more. I am sorry for your son and our sons to see this type of example.

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