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It is with pleasure that I introduce my guest blogger.  Bruce Wilson, aka Mr. Right for 31+ years.  He is the main reason that I think of my life in terms of grateful and thankful every single day.  There is no one on earth I would rather be buckled into that first car on an amazing roller coaster ride, screaming, laughing, crying, & waving arms.  He also is the very same person, who would not make fun of my wild tangled hair at the end of the ride.  Looking forward to hearing your comments after you read his thoughts today. 


It All Adds Up…

I’ve been told since I was a child.  “Do the right thing – it’ll all add up in the end.”  When referencing a person’s character, “It all adds up” was taught endlessly.  Today, I’m making a very specific reference to this old adage.

When we decided to become better stewards of our finances (a life-long quest) one item seemed to make perfect sense; use only cash.  This simple rule led to: no more finance charges, no annual fees to carry a card, and a surprisingly large number of merchants who give a discount for using cash.  We were also advised to create a jar that we would feed our change into.  There is a quote on the jar that states “Deposit money into this jar every day.  The amount doesn’t matter, the habit does.  Like attracts like, money attracts more money” We were skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  Maybe, it really would “All add up.”  Thus, we started only using cash and never spending the coins received in change, but rather putting them in this jar.  We also decided that, if it worked, we would use that money only on something we both enjoyed as a reward.  Let me take you on a short detour here.  When was the last time you had a discussion with your significant other about how to spend money rather than the dreaded “Do we have enough money” conversation?  Pure pleasure!  Back to topic.  We talked about it and decided we love trips to the beach more than anything.  Since then, we’ve taken numerous trips to the Oregon and Washington coasts.  Some were one-nighters, others as long as four nights.  All were paid for out of this magical jar of coins.  What a joy.  What do you do when you are overjoyed?  Why, spread the joy!  Turns out, spreading joy is not as simple as it sounds.  When the topic of money surfaces, as it seems to with increasing regularity in these troubled times, we tell our family, friends and acquaintances of this simple method to save some cash and reap the rewards.  The replies we receive in return?  “We don’t use cash” or “It wouldn’t work for us” or our favorite reply “It doesn’t add up to much!”   So, for the past 365 days, I decided to keep track of how those coins tallied.  Those that know me understand the need for lists and tracking methodologies; it keeps the OCD at a manageable level.  The end result?  We’ll be spending three nights soon in Oregon.  Room and meals will be paid for out of this magical jar.  The total for the past year you ask?  $497.44!  Not a life-changing, munificent sum I’ll agree.  But, it will once again change our lives for the better.  When Mrs. Right and I venture to the ocean, we get revitalized.  We spend time together where the focus is on, well, spending time together.  How could that not be a good thing?  A walk in the sand with no distractions works wonders for the psyche, not to mention the marriage.  Even our Sweet Liberty is better as a result of long walks on the beach.

So, to all our fiscal nay saying friends, we can only offer a smile when we hear excuses.  We discovered something that is incredibly easy to do, keeps one of us occupied from time to time counting and sorting the coins and helps to make something already good, much better!  Does it really “All add up?” you ask?  I’d say give me a call and we’ll talk about it, but there’s no cell reception at the beach…….

4 thoughts on “Welcome Guest Blogger

  1. pattilynne50

    Thanks for filling in for your Mrs. Right today. We, too, keep a coin jar and it really is surprising how fast it all adds up. I love that the two of you use it for trips to the beach…that is one of our favorite retreats and we treasure the time alone for walks on the beach and just being together.
    Wishing you and your other half a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Patti. Not sure how Mrs. Right does a blog most days – took me quite a while to compose that one! So very glad to know that you are putting your coins to good use as well. We are always pleasantly surprised when we start counting. Seems so very easy to do but so difficult to get others to give it a try. We’ll keep trying….. (Mr. Right)

  2. Hello Mr. Right! I know this idea works because my husband does it. He frequently contributes to his yearly golf getaways via his coin jar. I know it can really add up. Thanks for filling in today and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Missus! Joanne

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