It’s Friday, SAY GRACE and dig in?

What ?  Have I gone crazy?  Sharing a recipe on a Friday?  Not able to wait until Tuesday to share?  You know those people who can’t seem to wait to give a Christmas gift until the big day?  They are just so darn excited with what they bought, they can’t contain themselves and just thrust the gift at someone and say “I couldn’t wait” !  I wanted you to have this.  Open it, open it!!!!  There is a tingle of excitement swirling in the air around both the giver and the receiver.

I can’t wait until Tuesday.  period.  It is THAT good!  Try it!  Try it!   The cloud & swirl of white fluffy, sweet, melt in your mouth pure goodness is just about as good as it gets when it comes to well………….white, fluffy, swirly goodness.  My first gift of the season……………sharing a recipe, me to you!  Yes, Virgina, that good!

It has been about 4 months now that we have said a fond farewell to dairy.  For the most part no dairy.  We have found a few replacement options and had a nibble of excellent cheese from an appetizer tray.    I confess, yes a stick of Irish butter found its way into our Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and yes, there was a bit of evaporated milk in that pretty pumpkin pie.   What to do about whipped cream?  What will guests and family dollop beside said pretty pumpkin pie?    Guess we do without?  Hold on my friend, the heavens opened up and on Wednesday, inspiration fell into my lap from a little blog site called  Daily Garnish

Coconut Whipped Cream…………..hear that?  Listen…………a choir of angels are singing…………..relax for a minute, just listen………….sweet perfect harmony, um, sort of like Coconut Cream!

I made it about 5 hours prior to serving.  It stayed beautiful in the refrigerator.  I will admit a bit was saved from last night and a big ol spoonful went splash into my morning coffee…………….SWOON.  Oh my goodness, frothy, creamy, a bit of sweetness, actually just the perfect amount.

Take a can of coconut milk and put into the refrigerator over night.  Separate out into a bowl.  Just use the solid portion not the liquid.  Put it into a mixer, add 3 Tablespoons of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of real vanilla.  Whip away my friend, whip away.  Sing along with the music playing for a bit.  Stop, remove beaters, lick beaters because you are the chef and if you don’t have any little short helpers in your kitchen it will be a bonus for you!

Ever feel like you were left behind?  When I went on Google Images to find some photographs of the silky smooth cream, there were hundreds of ’em.  People use the coconut cream to well……………… top coconut cream pie, or coconut cake or dollop in coffee or garnish a slice of pie.  People had served it with strawberry shortcakes and dipped with shortbread cookies.  There were pictures topping chocolate pudding or mousse.    So I welcomed myself to the party and my mind was swirling with sweet and sassy ideas.

The Coconut cream was oh la la magnificent and simply lovely all swirled together.  Take a pretty silver spoon, pinkie poised in the air, take a big swipe at that bowl of pure goodness, SAY GRACE and for the love of licking the beaters…………………………dig in.  Take that first bite, close your eyes, feel the slight sweetness roll over your taste buds and swoon……………..welcome to the holidays, my friend, welcome to the holidays!

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  1. Wild and crazy update….today is the Monday after Thanksgiving (when I made the coconut cream) I had a little dollop on my coffee this morning……….Still amazingly good. Love that it keeps so well. Easy, inexpensive and so good. Love that. Thanks for checking in, it is always a pleasure when I see your name pop up. 🙂

  2. pattilynne50

    Well now I feel silly…I checked Fred Meyer (downtown Puyallup) and Safeway in Milton! Please give me a hint on where to look!!! ((After I go visit an eye doctor))

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