Blest be the Tie that Binds

When we drove up to the entrance of the gardens where our youngest son would be married, while waiting for the valets, I noticed a young couple step into the gardens off to the side.  As the valet took our car, I casually peeked  into the side garden to see a little bit of what I thought was “hanky panky”.  As we all know, weddings do sometimes, bring out the sweetness in couples.  No, they were not smooching….she was holding his jacket while he wrestled with his necktie.  He was pulling and tugging and started over.  Yep, he was trying to tie a piece of cloth around his neck to look appropriate for the ceremony.    For the same wedding, Mr. Right wore a black tie with his uniform while marrying them and then slipped into the bridal cottagetie silver to change into his “dad” reception stunning dark silver tie to compliment his suit.  Once the pictures were taken, I noticed the ties starting to come loose or came off completely with some of the younger guys.  All those ties brought to Mr. P and Mr. W’s hotel rooms……….”could you please help me tie this?” were being tugged and rolled up into their pockets.

While our oldest son was in college and attending business school, before functions he would charge $1.00 to tie other guys ties.  Guess that was a good way to make some pizza and I would imagine beer money.  Good thing there was a charttie chart on the back of our boys bedroom doors while growing up on how to tie a windsor knot tie.

Apparently in 212 BC China’s first emperor and militia members wore some type of neck tie.  In 1864 the tie was patented and was mass-produced and became popular throughout much of Germany and America.

When I picture my Dad, I see him in a suit and tie.  He had a liking for diagonal stripes.  When I think of my father in law, I can remember him only in a tie at weddings.  Then only the family tartan tie.  Our youngest son wore a purple tie to his wedding.  I also remember the jelly bean printed ties the boys wore one Easter.  Okay, why did I make those?  Why did I make them wear them?  What on earth was I thinking? I guess I was thinking, light up, loud garish, cartoon, bow tie………..whatever, just put one on and wear it for an hour to church.

I love a man in a well cut suit, white french cuff shirt and tie.  Mr. Right has about 60 at a time.  Sometimes he goes through them and weeds out some that are too thick, too boring, too ugly.  Not too many are “power” ties.  I have noticed he has his favorites when it comes to important meetings.  I like certain colors when we go out to a special dinner.  In a very weird and comforting way, I can remember the color ties he has had on when he has leaned over and kissed me while I was in a hospital bed.  He uses his right  hand to hold back the tie and bends down.  I have seen him throw his tie over his shoulder before he picks up a grandgirlie.  I have seen him re-knot his tie three or four times to get the perfect , to him, length.   I have stared at one tie or another while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair having work done.  I have stared at his tie while he has shared both good news and horrid news.  Most mornings when he leaves for work I am still snug in bed, he leans over, holding his tie back and gives me a big ol smooch.

One day last week he chose a tie that has a creamy gold-colored background and it has printed in black, all the signatures of all the Presidents of the United States.  It has the Presidential seal at the point of the tie and  our current President signature is bigger than the others.  His boss stopped him and said “You are the only guy I know who’s sense of patriotism overrides your personal dislike of our current President.”  I love that Mr. Right is patriotic.

Swoon…….I just love that Mr. Right wears a tie most days. I remember the tie he wore when we got married.  I remember the tie he wore when we renewed our vows the second and third time.  For some reason, I feel safe, like things are in order and will be okay when he is donning a tie.   He does not enjoy wearing a tie.  He often has colorful language for the person who invented the “torture device” as he calls it.  He doesn’t like holding up two and saying “which one for this shirt” and when I say neither, he is crestfallen.  “But I like the one with sharks on it!”

One could say he has me all tied up in knots, swoon!  Maybe a new saucy tie will find its way under the Christmas tree?   Blest be the Tie that Binds.ties colored

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  1. What a pretty post! My husband looks so good in a tie and my Dad (rest his soul) taught my husband the windsor knot! I love your little chart for good knot-tying and your beautiful story of “Ties”. I’m going to pass this one along! xo Joanne

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