It’s Tuesday, Say GRACE and OOMPA!

Some families have heirloom treasures, money, diamonds, gold, jewelry, land, homes, Faberge eggs to pass on to younger members of the clan.  Some “members” of said clan voice their opinions early in life.  “When you die, can I have that?”  Yes, I have been asked that question.  As a matter of fact quite recently.  The clan member has their eyes fixated on a particular object and they don’t even look at you, they just have eyes for the prize.  I give you “the” prize that everyone is clambering about: pizza stone  My pizza stone.  When recipes tell you to oil the stone and toss on some cornmeal to begin, we don’t have to.  Our homemade gems of deliciousness (yes a word) slip right off, like an 8-year-old boy flopping on a slip and slide all afternoon!

I knew I wanted to create a pizza for dinner tonight.  Looking through my pizza cookbook (yes, I was on a quest for two years running as my New Year Resolution to create, make and eat the perfect  crust), decision made…….tonight we dine in Greece!  OOMPA!!   Thanks to Bridget over at  LOVE her and her blog.  I can’t say more or I might slip and tell a wonderful Christmas gift I bought for some family member that Bridget lovingly autographed for me to give.  ooooh, I just love her.  The recipient of said secret gift and Bridget the sweet and wonderful and charming blog lady I stalk…I mean follow on-line weekly.

Make or cut yourself some holiday slack and buy a ball of pizza dough and let’s get started.  Heat your oven and your family heirloom to be  “the” stone in a 450* oven.  Warm that stone folks!!  Get it hot, hot, hot!  Stretch, toss, form, your dough onto the underside of a cornmeal dusted cookie sheet, once built you can gently slip it onto the hot stone.  Brush that dough of goodness with some really good olive oil.  Sprinkle with some Greek seasoning, salt, real salt folks and some cracked pepper.  Then spread around some cut up orbs of red aromatic good tomatoespizza toppings and red onions (the more the merrier, love those beauties), some Kalamata olives, cut those babies (not real babies, the olives ) in half,  sneak in some Feta cheese  (not Mr. Right’s favorite), a couple handfuls of torn spinach and salt and pepper and a bit more Greek seasoning and a drizzle of that good olive oil.  Bake that beauty for 14-16 minutes.  Enough time to make some fresh juice and grab some plates and plenty  of paper napkins.

For the love of an old t-shirt/sweatshirt worn at home to eat sloppy, delicious, drippy, messy pizza in,  grab more paper napkins than you think you need, light a candle (oh, remember those drippy candles we used to have in the 70″s?)SAY GRACE and dig in.  greek pizza

Pizza, most certainly on my top 10 favorite food list.

ps.  Happy Birthday to the newest Mrs. Wilson in our family!  OOMPA!

3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, Say GRACE and OOMPA!

  1. pattilynne50

    I’m drooling! LOL I mean my mouth is watering…just read this as I’m taking a break for lunch and I’d now much rather have pizza than what I brought!!!

    1. Okay, for your lunch today, you could have taken one very small slice of leftover pizza that is currently sitting in our refrigerator, second shelf down. Girlfriend, it was amazing and the aroma was simply stunning. In my daily morning letter from Mr. Right, he mentioned last night’s pizza and used the word “excellent”. Doesn’t get much better. Chill a bottle of sparkly water and treat you and your Mr. Right to pizza night. ps. I added a bit of smoked mozzarella here and there….swoon.

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