Whoa Nelly, Christmas first.

I don’t carry my cell phone into stores.  Nope.  I actually love my little small cross over the shoulder Brighton purse.  Now that my “boys” are grown, there is no need for me to carry Cheerios, crayons, band aids, extra tissues, wet wipes, army men, hot wheels, note pads (2), lacing bears. and more.  Geesh, I could have been a winning contestant on that game show from the 70’s “Let’s Make a Deal”.  I carried everything.   I am saying that when you don’t have little ones to tend to, you can actually just park, grab your purse, lock the car and walk into a store, easy peasy.  No cell phone, thus no cell phone camera.

If I did carry my cell phone into a store, I would have taken a picture to prove to you that I am not fibbing.  I guess you will have to take my word for it.  Yesterday, at 3:30 pm, in a fabric/craft store in Tacoma, Washington on December 4th, 2012……………………I saw………………………my first VALENTINE craft supply display!  As our little grandgirlie would say, with her hands on her “hips”  “really people?”   Really?  I was sort of shaken and stunned.  I was at the store to purchase a bit more black and red Buffalo plaid fabric (they were out) to line the inside of our coffee table to display Christmas cards.

DSCN0326Yesterday, I finished and Mr. Right hung up our Christmas wreath on the front door.  We have the deck decorated and our indoor tree might go up tonight.  We prepare, bit by bit……………….we prepare for the celebration of Christmas!DSCN0321

Instead of getting my feathers in a knot, I am going to continue to Grace our home with the goodness and kind spirit of giving during this Advent season.  I am going to enjoy every single Christmas moment.  I am not going to rush, or hustle or get caught up in the goofy behavior of retail stores………………I am making the choice to be grateful for this holy season.  It is our family’s choice to stay in the moment.  Give it the honor it so richly deserves.

2 thoughts on “Whoa Nelly, Christmas first.

  1. pattilynne50

    So happy you don’t have knotted feathers!!!
    Don’t even get me started on the commercialization of what is supposed to be the Christmas holiday. LOL
    Standing with you as you gracefully celebrate this holy season…your sister in Christ

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