gun + cookies = great marriage

spritz cookie pressOkay folks, here is happy marriage secret number 328 (yet another little gift from me to you)……………have cookie dough made ahead of time.  Serve dinner, then when the time comes for dessert………..say, time to make some cookies!  I want to really believe it is pure goodness and fun and joyous and lovely just being a couple in the kitchen together creating some homemade holiday memories…………..however, let’s face it, I think it is the cookie “gun” press that Mr. Right fell for!  The cookie sheets are lined with silpat, the “gun” is loaded and ready to go.  The oven is heated to 375*, 64 different kinds (yes, honest engine) of sprinkles are ready and waiting to be chosen……………..and he is off!  WOW, look at him GO!  GO! Mr. Right GO!  Sort of makes you wish the cookie “gun” came with a holster!  Offer to reload and choose some sprinkles he might like.  Sure the fourth of July ones are great, um, maybe not this time of year?  Yes, the Canadian Maple Leaves are red, again, maybe not perfect for this project?

First batch is in, he says, is it me, or does 1o minutes take forever?  They smell heavenly.  Okay, choosing new die….what to make next?

I will say the newer version of the cookie press (as some folks like to call it) is a dream to use and to clean.  It is quick, easy and yes, Virginia, fun.  Did I mention quick like a bunny?  Here is a picture of my mother’s cookie press.  You had to turn the metal handle and it squeaked with each turn as you rotated it down the metal shaft.  It was not precise, the cookies were sometimes way too big or you had to turn a bit more to make the cookie come out.  The cleaning was a nightmare………..think toothpicks as you were soaking in soapy water.  yikes.  In this case the new fancy schmancy model is sweet.  spritz cookie press motherSo to sum up, quick, easy, fun, quick clean up and you end up 45 minutes to an hour later with a cookie rack full to overflowing with fresh cookies.  Mr. Right gets some for his lunch, takes some to share and the clear jar is full of pure goodness.  See how easy it is to keep a good marriage together?  Well liking the other person, respect, kindness……blah, blah, blah………….the real secret is mixing guns and cookies……………hooks ’em every single time.  Hey, just doing my part to keep the holidays bright and merry!  spritz cookies 2spritz cookies 3

Love to hear what kind of Christmas cookies you have made already this season.  Next up for our home are Cappicinno Stars…..might have to be a Tuesday recipe to share.   Happy Baking and Happy Marriages to all!

spritz cookies 5spritz cookies

7 thoughts on “gun + cookies = great marriage

  1. Tracey J.

    Love it! I had to read your post just based on the title alone! 😀 You should have gone into the marketing world – I think I need to invest in a cookie gun now : )

  2. pattilynne50

    OMIGOSH I remember the old cookie press — same one my mom had. We used it every Christmas to make the best cookies (they had cream cheese and finely grated orange peel in the recipe) I’m gonna have to locate that old recipe and make it a favorite again.
    Love how the ‘gun’ keeps Mr. Right by your side…I think my Mr. Right would be in the kitchen in a second if I asked him to come shoot some cookies!!! LOL
    Happy baking 🙂

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