three words

No, they are not “I Love You”, although those are good ones.  “I missed you”, again, nice but not quite what I was going for.  “You’re not fat”, sweet sentiment, wrong again. “These taste good”, lovely to hear, not the three words I was thinking of.

Fleece Lined Tights

fleece lined tights

I love them.  The fit is very nice, are so cozy and keep my legs warm.  I wore them with a pencil skirt yesterday, into the big city of Seattle.  I chose to wear black, with a black and white skirt.  You can easily wear them with boots or shoes.  They look just like the tights we all wear in the fall/winter months, just cozy warm and fleece lined.  The temperature was about 40* yesterday with the wind blowing.  Never once did I feel the chill in the air on my legs.  In a remarkable moment of genius, I bought two pairs at once, thinking I might like them.  Not thinking I would LOVE them.  As we dress for a military Christmas concert tonight, I will wear the second pair.

I will be in the moment, enjoying the sounds of the season, not once worried about how cold I was or how my legs were shaking from the cold.  I will be the girl in the audience with a smile on her face, holding Mr. Right’s hand and tapping my toes to the music.

Oh the weather outside is frightful……………

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