I wish you a Merry Christmas (not happy holidays)

military Christmas treesOne of the things that troubles me sometimes is the need for political correctness.  I seem to feel like a fish out of water.  I know what is right and wrong.  I see things black, white and yes, shades of gray.  I value and honor my beliefs and traditions, however in this day and age, it is almost as if you are supposed to keep your own feelings of personal choice to yourself.

That did not happen last night.  One of the nicest things about being on a military post is that I feel like I fit in.  I am calm and I know how to behave and what is expected.  It is smooth as silk.

Last night Mr. Right took me to the America’s Corps Band Concert “Home for the Holidays”.  We got there a bit early to drop off our toys for tots and to people watch.  Oh the shiny brass and the fancy adorned uniforms both on stage and in the audience.  The Christmas sweaters galore.  The children in matching outfits.  You want to talk about well-mannered children.  One family had seven little darlings.  All were polite, well-behaved, followed along, clapped when appropriate and each melted when Santa came down the aisle.  Yep, real children.  Just children that have been raised to be a pleasure to be around and share a concert with.

The theater and stage were festooned with poinsettias and lit Christmas trees and it was simply, beautiful.   There are ushers to help guide us to seats and soldiers securing the theater.  You feel a sense of calm and peace and safety for just a moment in time.  The men, including Mr. Right can let their guard down for an hour or so and enjoy the concert.

The music, oh for the love of Pete, my toes are still tapping.  All kinds, up beat and quick tempo and slow and elegant.  We enjoyed both new and old-fashioned standards.  They played music for young and old alike.  The singing and musical solos took your breath away.  This is the real thing.  These soldiers love what they do and it shows.  It is their passion and it spills out from the stage and grace covers each person sitting and listening.  Of course there was a song to honor the Gold Star families and a time to remember those that will not be home for Christmas.gold star

When you see little people clapping right beside Generals who are clapping you know you are in a moment of goodness. Where else do you get to stand in a theater, at the end of the concert and along with several hundred people and partake in a sing-a-long of Christmas Carols and the band is playing right along with you?  You sing loud and happy.  You are singing out about Frosty and Rudolph and the baby Jesus.  You are singing about a King’s birth.  It is all mixed together and jumbled happily.

You clap until your hands tingle.  Then you get to hear one more final tune, you stand and clap somehow louder this time!   Everyone calms down and gathers their scarves and coats and everyone politely in an orderly fashion moves to the doors.  You scramble into your car as the night air is chilly.  You are both talking about your favorite parts and what was funny and what was over the top good.

Then Mr. Right makes it last a teeny bit longer, by treating to cups of hot cocoa before the drive home.  Pure goodness!

… and that’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown!hot cocoa

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