two pictures in one

When I have absolutely no control over sad events in our world, sometimes I turn to making things.  The sewing machine I can handle.  I can make it do what I want. Yesterday, I sewed “wine” bags which we are using to put special olive oil in.  We are giving Lucero Olive oil to a few folks this Christmas.   The Kitchen Aid, I can guide it to do exactly what I want.  Yesterday, I used it to bake dog treats, three loaves of bread, two batches of cookies.    Then there is paint.

While I do not want to get rid of a painted picture we received as a gift, I wanted to change it up a bit.  I guess I wanted to control the happiness level of how I looked at the picture.  So I give you the before and after of my type A personality.  Take something good, twist it my way and make me smile even more.   The original picture is a Welcome sign painted on wood slats with a rope hanger that has been brushed with paint.  I turned the painting over, removed the rope and added three coats of chalk board paint.  Then I added some chalk and some words.  So in essence I can use it one way, to Welcome guests or if I have a special occasion or birthday, I can flip the piece and write a different message to personalize the occasion.  Love that, two, two pictures in one.  Double the use.  Again, with my now thinking of Double mint gum….going to be thinking of those twins all day long now.

I like the painting, I love the chalkboard, I adore getting to use it two different ways.  I even get to control the words that I choose.   I choose to Grace our home with pure goodness.


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