Don’t give gifts you would like to receive! Mrs. Claus tip number 473!

I am not what you would classify as a “Christmas girl”.  I am trying to get better.  I am honestly working on being happier and in the moment of the season, making things earlier, planning a perfectly timed Christmas trip and writing down ideas for next year that worked, really worked and made me happy.  I have tons to write about this year.  It was calm and the days felt mostly right.  Once I wrap my brain around all that goodness and grace I will gladly share in the coming weeks.  Boxing day, I LOVE boxing day!  I love being a Boxing Day girl.  I love order and calm, clean up and vacuuming and lists for next year and did I mention order?

Today, I will write about giving gifts that made me (eventually, not while buying or making) hap, hap, happy!

You know that saying “give the gift you would like to receive”?  It does not always apply.  Some of the gifts I gave Mr. Right were down right “boring”.  Black dress socksblack dress socks (he was delighted), Bacon flavored Shaving Cream (he loved it and wanted to use it right away), gray hoodie (he loved it and the Army logo on the front), Aero Bars in his stocking (he was tickled, I don’t care for that candy),  a Bordeaux candy bar from See’s (again he fell in love, I wondered secretly, why would they make such a horrid thing). Black electrical tape, a brown extension cord, a green highlighter, a can of Lima Beans in his stocking (ugh),  a pepper mill, a bbq grill brush, three pairs of work gloves brown, black and black and blue…………….. oh the list goes on and on…………boy, boy, boy gifts.

The DeWalt drill that Mrs. Claus put under the tree even came in a black, boring, ruff and tuff, storage case.  drillHe was thrilled.  So happy in fact, he went out to the garage on Christmas day and was practicing on a piece of wood.  He was one happy camper!

As our little grandgirlie would say nope, I would not want “boy gifts”.  I was really happy that I hit a home run with several of the gifts I had chosen for Mr. Right.  Not every gift is a winner………….I would have to say this year, by the smile &  look on his face,  I did pretty good.
When husband don’t really know what to say because they are over the moon happy….you just have a feeling you “dun good”.

No, you don’t always have to like the gifts you give.  Sometimes, it is quite the opposite.  As you can well imagine, I am very happy that Mr. Right gave gifts he would never in a million years want………..perfume, bath gels, nail polish and pretty things to fasten around one’s neck………………

The Heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious.

2 thoughts on “Don’t give gifts you would like to receive! Mrs. Claus tip number 473!

  1. I always try and think about the person I give a gift to and what THEY would like.
    I try, but I don’t think I always succeed. But that’s ok. That’s what gift receipts are for! xo Joanne

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