50 things

mermaid weather vaneThings I like  love about me at the end of 2012:

1. I love my curly hair

2. I love caramel more than chocolate

3. I love reading scripture daily

4. I love vanilla more than chocolate

5. I love to wear jeans

6. I love wearing white blouses with jeans

7. I love to wear too much jewelry

8. I love having my toe nails always painted

9.  I love wearing modest clothing (no matter what the style is)

10. I love having a Golden Retriever named Sweet Liberty

11.  I love my Mr. Right and I love that he is my compass

12. I love to bake.

13.  I love to doodle in color in my cookbooks

14.  I love to put gold star stickers on cook book pages that deserve gold stars

15.  I love having good manners (even though it makes me a square)

16.  I love doing jig saw puzzles and word searches

17.  I love Mermaids and rocks and twigs

18.  I love color tinted concrete counter tops

19.  I love a warm towel after a shower

20.  I love gorgeous lingerie

21.  I love fresh-cut grass

22. I love fresh-baked bread toasted and slathered with real Irish Butter

23.  popcornI love popcorn.  Homemade on the stove popcorn with again real Irish Butter

24.  I love lemonade and ice tea mixed together

25.  I love orange soda once in a while

26.  I love writing lists

27.  I love to vacuum every single day

28.  I love a polished kitchen sink

29.  I love rustic homemade bar soap

30.  I love to make my own laundry soap

31,.  I love Polish Potterypolish pottery

32.  I love to wear high heels to church

33.  I love to make homemade Valentines

34. I love to do research

35.  I love to take factory tours

36.  I love to organized my sewing box

37.  I love to do counted cross stitch

38.  I love that I live in Grace

39.  I love wearing sweaters

40.  I love having grandgirlies

41.  I love reading magazines from the back to the front

42.  I love that I hold my cards in my hand backwards from everyone else

43.  I love that my mind swirls and twirls sometimes

44.  I love to ride my indoor and outdoor bike

45.  I LOVE to swim

46.  I love to dust and rearrange furniture

47.  I love battery operated candles

48.  I love going barefoot in our home

49.  I love to snuggle under my electric throw and look at quilting magazines

50.  I love cement flower planters

We are shaped & fashioned by what we love.  goethe

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