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This is Sunday afternoon and I am still fussing over and swirling words in my brain.  Trying to come up with the one that feels just right for me to embrace in the new year.  Maybe this one, naw, that would be borning………maybe this…..nope, doesn’t make me happy.  I don’t know if I want to live with it for a year.  sigh.

Yesterday, while waiting in a ridiculously long line at the Fabric store, a twenty something girl scooted across.  She was polite and smiled.  She was also pierced, tattooed, was wearing an extremely low-cut t-shirt, had dyed black hair and about 48 bracelets on each wrist.  Splashed across her chest in black ink was a tattoo.  It went from shoulder to shoulder & the word dipped in a graceful semi-circle.  It was one word,   “righteousness” The tatoo was done in 2 inch tall, super, fancy, swirly, curly, girly font.

I know it seems like I am going to judge her for her low-cut top or her piercings or her tattoos…………….. not in a million years. tattoo girl

I instantly thought, how can this twenty something young “girl” have the courage and knowledge to choose just one word that she will have to live with for 70 or more years to come.  How did she make the decision?  What was so inspiring in her life that one word made the cut?  Why did that one word speak to her?

I love that she could make such a strong statement in just one word.  I love her open mind and her courage, her adventurous spirit.  Actually, I am making all that part up………I have no idea if she did it on a dare or may have indulged in an adult beverage or two.  I just like my version.  The beauty of writing your own blog.  You can lift people up to a higher, worthy level even if you know nothing about them.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself  ~amelia  earhart

4 thoughts on “tattoo girl

  1. I too wonder about tattoos and how people make the leap into something so permanent. I do love the word “righteousness”- that is a beautiful word. I do believe now, after a year of blogging, that you can life people up, people you do not even know, by mere words..xo

  2. Hello Miss Sunshine! I am going through my e-mail inbox which I have ignored for months and just noticed I had never seen this blog…I love how you lift people up!!!

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