Goodbye my trusted friend, thanks for the lesson

heart shaped rocksThe year was 1992, the state was Oklahoma.  I had looked and looked and searched every store that I thought could help me.  I thumbed through magazines galore.  I found it.  I finally found it.  It was three years from the beginning of the search, the saving of the money, the special order to North Carolina was placed, until that beautiful brand new, custom chosen blue fabric covered sofa arrived in our home.  We had two little boys.  So naturally, I chose a dark blue.  The thinking here was it wouldn’t show the dirt so much.  They could sit nicely on the sofa even wearing blue jeans.

Somewhere in between living a normal life and “the” sofa my thinking was a bit skewed.  NO food on or near the sofa.  NO drinking coffee on the sofa.  NO Naps on the sofa.  NO shoes on the sofa.  No animals on the sofa.  It was to be kept nice.

So we went about our lives with “nice” furniture.  Sure company could sit on it.  As I look back on it now, it was just easier for all of us to sit on the floor with big floor pillows and to sit in chairs instead of taking a chance on “messing up” the nice sofa.  Time marched on.  We moved.  We moved again and again.  The sofa went with us.  It’s gorgeous wood in immaculate condition. The fabric still fresh as a daisy.  We used a very floral sheet to throw over the sofa so the dog could sit on it, so we could sit on it.  We moved to a home with a formal living room and a family room.  Once the sofa was moved into the formal living room, I think I sat on it twice, while talking on the phone.

Yesterday, when the gentleman came in to help move it into his big red truck, he said, “this one?  It looks brand new?” Yes sir, that is the one.  A teeny bit of happy crept into my being.  Yes, it is lovely.  Then the other 99% of me was sad.  For a 21-year-old sofa it looks hardly used.  The sofa is in “like new” condition.   He loaded the sofa into the truck.  He also loaded two club chairs and a dresser and some fancy, hardly ever used beautiful lace curtains.

Two more things went with him.  Two loaves of fresh-baked English Muffin Bread.  One for him and his darling wife for helping us move our furniture to a home that it will be used and is needed and will be sat upon.  The other loaf of fresh bread was for the woman who was getting the “like brand new sofa”.  I sent it along with my good wishes.

I wish for her a delicious, relaxing nap on her brand new sofa.  I hope she doesn’t even slip off her shoes.  I wish for her to sit on the sofa and gather her grandkids and read books and laugh.  I hope the grandkids have buckles on their shoes and they keep them on their feet.  I wish for her to sit on the sofa, drinking a cup of dark, rich, hot coffee while enjoying a couple of slices of fresh-baked bread, toasted.  I hope she puts red raspberry jam all over the toast.  I hope she enjoys every single bite.  I hope that today, after she works an 8 hour shift standing up, she comes home tonight, spies her new sofa and she drops her purse and coat and walks over and flops down in her new favorite spot, feet up and sighs with a big smile on her face.

Yes, Virginia, I have learned a huge lesson.  This time around, I am going to do better because I know better.  We are  thankful to have a beautiful new sofa.  It is comfortable and really nice.  We have had it for about 2 months.  It is big enough for us to snuggle up together and watch a movie or read….AND eat popcorn.   I personally have taken a nap on the new sofa.  I have looked at magazines and read the paper on the new sofa (yes, my hands may have had some colored ink or newsprint on them).  I have sat with the grandgirlies.  We have all had our shoes on.  Last night, I drank my shocking green juice and ate my Hippie Bowl with Tahini Sauce slathered all over it, and even had Lemon sorbet for dessert …………all while sitting on the sofa. 

Um, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Who knew?  By the way, you are more than welcome to come over for a cup of piping hot coffee and a little treat.  We will be sitting on the sofa making really great memories.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye my trusted friend, thanks for the lesson

  1. pattilynne50

    Who would have thought, 21 years ago, that someday THE couch would be such a blessing to someone who needs it???!!!
    Growing up, we had certain furniture that was “precious” to my mom…I taught myself early on to say out loud, if some piece of furniture got dinged in some way, “don’t worry – it gives it character” (while inside I was saying something entirely different!).
    Happy you have ‘learned a new trick’ — but an old dog, you are not!!!

    1. I can hardly remember going into the formal living room while growing up. It was just easier not to go in for fear we might mess something up.
      Hey, thanks for stopping by blog land.
      Love for you to stop by sometime in real life, sit on the sofa and have a cup of joe. (we are allowed, we are the grown ups now, we make the rules) Let’s eat snacks too while we are at it?

      I appreciate and value your comments. Makes my day somehow just a bit more lovely.

    1. Hello friend, thanks for stopping by. I love your smiling face. I hope you keep your profile picture for a long time. I smile every single time I see your beautiful spirit ! You are welcome any time to stop by for a glass of real lemonade, we will sit with our feet up and drink with hot pink straws, all while sitting on the couch.

  2. 6ncounting

    I so completely love this. Thank you for sharing today. It is beautiful to “listen” to the depths of your heart. I “hear” you, and I am greatly encouraged. Thank you again for sharing so we can also grow in our “understanding”.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You are one of the only girls in my life, that has actually sat on “the” sofa and drank coffee with me. Of course we used napkins, our shoes were probably off, we had coasters out and ready to use. blah, blah, blah…………I want to have silly, good, happy, wonderful stories about the new sofa. Stop by some time, maybe we will put a scoop of ice cream in said coffee? (well, you know, this time around it will have to be dairy free for me, however, still might be a treat?) hahahaha…..

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