It’s Tuesday in January, Say Grace, grab your sunglasses and a hot pink straw!

tropical beachJanuary, late 80’s, dark, brisk, snow, cold, winter in Anchorage, Alaska.  Between the neighbor lady and I we had four little boys under the age of five.  We all had cabin fever and it was dreary and everyone had ants in their pants, even the adults, then it happens,  inspiration hits!  We meet at our home tomorrow for lunch.  Wear shorts and sunglasses and bring a picnic!  Mr. Right moved the furniture back against the walls in the living room before he left for work.  Great.  I bring up the plastic pool we had stored in the basement.  I fill it with beach toys and lay out a bunch of towels.  I turn up the heat.  I turn ON the Beach Boys cassette (yes, I typed cassette) loud.  I myself put on a sassy sun dress and rubbed on some coconut suntan lotion………you know the smell……….ah, just heaven.  Picnic food ready.  Beach towels ready.  Fun, fun, fun, silly, silly and laughter, pure honest to goodness laughter.  Those two moms were brilliant.  I love remembering that day.  Crazy we went to so much work to make a fun, happy, winter day.  I wonder if any of the four boys remember it?

Get out your sunglasses and dig out those wild, shocking pink straws.  Hey, remember those crazy hard plastic straws we had as kids?  You had to suck so hard it made your cheeks collapse and your lips puckered up like little gold-fish.  My sisters and I could not “remember” to memorize our Bible verse for the week or “remember” to make our beds, however, we always remembered and knew exactly which clear plastic straw with all its curly ques was who’s.  Okay, back to our story.  Today, I am sharing a recipe from  Joe is an amazing person who shares and gives recipes and you want to hang out with him.  You want to invite him to your home to have a smoothie and talk about everything.  This guy Joe, once you get to know him and listen to him and learn from him, I think you will agree, you will want to send him a thank you note every single day of your life.  Yep, that kind of good guy.

Grab your blender and let’s get this party started.  Um, you might want to get some of those little paper umbrellas for your garnish, just saying.  tropical paper umbrellas

For two people you will need (and you will be thrilled that you did, I might add):

2 cups frozen pineapple, 2 cups frozen mango, 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (takes two limes), 3 cups coconut water and 2 cups of tightly packed spinach (get over it folks, it has virtually no taste), you can chopped up the spinach first if you don’t have a super powerful blender.  Okay, toss it all in.  Push the START button.  Pour into glasses.  Add a hot pink straw or a crazy hard plastic straw if you still have yours from the 70’s , add a pineapple garnish and a little paper umbrella.

Put on some great Jimmy Buffett music, get those sassy sunglasses on, put your feet up, SAY GRACE and for the love of some sunshine that warms your soul, take a sip.  A long, deep sip………….let out a SIGH…………..ah the feel of sand between your toes.  Cheers to our good health! green smoothie

3 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday in January, Say Grace, grab your sunglasses and a hot pink straw!

  1. My son’s birthday is tomorrow and this brings back such memories! When he was a small boy, we took one of his birthdays and had a “Beach Party”. We kicked up the heat in the house and asked everyone to come in shorts or beachy attire. It was so much fun and it is of course the birthday party that sticks out the most! Thanks for a deja vu moment for me!

  2. Kathie says: I can feel the sand and the warm breeze gently tossing the blossom scents for all to share…

    but I do not recall, even though I was only 4, any spinich growing below the coconut trees in our backyard in paradise.

    I know you know what you are doing, so I am willing take a teeny sip and smile and say mmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    Wait, the straw will make the deal. There must be one here somewhere…

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