Say GRACE and pass the smashed goober peas, please!

The bowl we keep in the refrigerator was e-m-p-t-y.  Nothing left, zilch, big goose egg.  So last night after making juice, Mr. Right made enough peanut butter to fill our bowl.  Yep, he makes fresh peanut butter.  Pretty decadent don’t you think?  We are grateful  every single time we crave, need, want, desire some of that smooth, rich, wonderful food.  Peanut butter.  peanuts After a full work day, at least 3.5 hours for the commute…..he comes home, takes off his tie, puts on some jeans and a t-shirt, rough houses with the dog, then he takes on the “chore” of making peanut butter for our family.  What a guy!

The recipe you ask?  Take peanuts put into juicer. Turn on juicer. Unless you have a mega huge piece of celery you want to fill with the flavor bursting peanuty, warm goodness, place an empty bowl to collect.  Did I mention warm peanut butter?  Yep, right out of the juicer it has been swirled and twirled and smooshed and smashed and ground and it comes out all warm and simply stunning.  You feel grateful the instant you see, smell and oh, la, la, you taste it.

juicer making pb fresh peanut butterThis morning, instead of my usual winter choice of frozen fruit stacked under and over and all mixed in my bowl of oatmeal…………..I treated myself to a little something divine.

I made my oatmeal like I normally do.  Then I added 1 Tablespoon peanut butter and 1 teaspoon maple syrup and mixed together.  Good Golly Miss Molly, SAID GRACE and took my first bite of winter warming, comfort food.   Proud member of the clean bowl club!  Now that is the way to start out the day!  Cheers to our good health!

Thankful for a juicer.  Thankful for a husband that makes peanut butter.  Most THANKFUL for a husband that will clean said juicer after he has made the peanut butter.

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