Quick Cake 2000

A few months back while traveling home from a long trip, we stopped late at night at a Holiday Inn Express.  Nice, friendly, clean……easy on and off the freeway….you know the drill.

The next morning, while investigating the “free breakfast”……..we discovered a super, amazing machine.  I am not quite sure the real name, we called it and still do to this day, the “Quick Cake 2000”.  All you do, is push the button to the number of pancakes you want and then the machine does the work.  really? quick cake

Okay, they are not the best tasting, however, it was super fun to watch.  The lady that was supervising the breakfast was so nice to me.  She took the lid off and showed me how it worked.  I was like a home schooler on a field trip.  You know, asking questions, smiling, learning, wanting to race home to write my essay.  It was quite the invention.   They send the hotel the pancake mix in a bag, she adds water and puts it in the correct place.  Then you (or in this case me) push the number you want and watch in amazement as the machine does the work.  A few seconds later, out plops a very hot, steaming, pancake.  Yep, a real pancake.  You then put on butter or “syrup” or whatever else you want and say Grace and dig in!

I have been day dreaming a bit lately.  I sort of want that in my kitchen.  Oh, I want to make the pancake mix.  I want to make my whole grain special recipe, I want to use Almond milk not water……blah, blah, blah……………………  back to day dreaming…………

Put on bathrobe, shuffle to the kitchen, push the button, set a plate in the correct position and grab a fork, quick say Grace………….pancakes are ready!    Holy Cow, technology rocks my world sometimes.

9 thoughts on “Quick Cake 2000

  1. Jan

    I’ve missed your blog. it always makes me smile to read your words. I actually read/hear it in “your” voice.
    As you know know, I’ve been a busy grandma lately. I finally figured oht how to leave a comment using my phone:-) ….computer time is non exsitant. lol

  2. Carmen

    Wow!! An adult version of an “EASY BAKE OVEN”!!!! Oh my tummy is wishing for a few blueberry walnut whole wheat pancakes right now, with a bit of heated real maple syrup.

  3. As i look back over your blog, I must have missed this one because i’m not sure I can adequately describe how I’m feeling right now. The phrase Most Wanted Christmas/Birthday present ever comes to mind…. jusssayin

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