pity party with store bought cookies

horrid day.  awful.  running on three days no sleep.  nervous wreck for appointment. sobbing much sobbing.  iv was a disaster from the start.  went to go buy a woof and poof angel after as a reward to myself………..none to be had. guess woof and poof angels are not to be my thing.   turns out, me being sick scares some “friends”.  guess they are not as tough and strong and brave as they suggested I should be.

being lonely is tough. brain feels like a gray colored slushie they forgot to add the extra chemicals and artificial colorings to.

bought a box of these:kona cookiesdecided to eat the entire box.  they are pretty darn tasty. they have good flavor and a nice little icing.  works in a pinch if you cannot work up the effort to make some coffee or go out to buy a cup.  i ended up eating three, wow, i am a wild girl.  i am sort of hoping tomorrow is a better day. honestly can’t see how it can get much worse.  won’t temp fate at this point.

Some days turn to Hell faster than others.

11 thoughts on “pity party with store bought cookies

  1. Carmen

    I will be here. I too would like to know what a woof and poof angel is…

    Google is my friend, I now know what they are…which one were you looking for?

    Coffee cookies…I have a few around here. Different brand but they work in a pinch. Coffee dipped shortbread, huh, I remember the shortbread of choice used to be Walker Shortbread, decades ago. Mmm good, with coffee or tea.

    Yep, guess I am heading to bed again. (12:13am)

    Good night, Daleen.

  2. pattilynne50

    How I want to just wrap you up in a great big bear hug…always here for you, not going anywhere! Not scared one bit…

    “I will not leave you desolate: I come unto you.” ~Jesus (He is always with you when the rest of us seem far away…..)

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