It feels lovely to be needed.

DSCN0476I think I heard something?  Yes, I did.  A little faint knock at the door.  “hello, Grandma Daleen, I neeeeeed something”.

I opened the door, Friday afternoon.  A little imp of a sweet girl, holding her hands out in front of her like a walking monster.  “Grandma Daleen, I neeeeed my nails painted.”  Okay, I am sensing urgency.  Let’s get to it.   What ?  You want them yellow then green then yellow then green?  Perfect choice.  Hold still, blow on them.  Oh my goodness, they look lovely. DSCN0478 You are such a lady.

So glad I could help.

4 thoughts on “It feels lovely to be needed.

  1. Lori Bisping

    Oh my goodness. Is that a Hello Kitty tattoo to go with those stylish nails? The little miss is a trend setter isn’t she.

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