could you please pass me that key ring?

Washington state is a tricky woman.  Divided by a mountain range, the west side is lush and green and wet and mold covered.  The east side looks more like the pan handle Oklahoma (without the vegetation).  Dry, flat, brown, miles and miles of wheat, potato & soy fields.  Orchard after orchard have water pumped to them to produce really amazing apples and more.   We live on the west side.  I have friends who live on the east side.

The beauty of the internet is that friends can talk every single day without driving over the pass.  Right now, every one checks the pass report before heading out.  Snow?  Chains required?  Visability?  Closed for avalanche control?  Mud slide?  You just never know.

So to say I am lucky that I have lots of people/angels watching over me all over the land, sometimes, the east side of the mountain seems like another land.  Any way, all that to say, I have a friend that lives over on “that” side and she came up with a plan of PURE GOODNESS.  PURE GOLD I tell ya!  Her idea turned into a life saver of epic proportions.  She is a gem and I am so lucky she thought of this wonderful idea.

Okay, between Mr. Right, and four kids, they all sent photos to Mr. Right’s computer.  He printed off picture after picture…..50 or so, so far.  He puts two together back to back, laminates them , punches a hole and threads them onto a large key ring for me.  Yes, I adore technology.  Yes, I have a little key ring that has digital pictures.  However, this is a hands on, flip through over and over and back and over again type of thing.  I take it with me for all my medical appointments.  I flip through when I am told “to think of something positive”.  Believe it or not when your brain is racing, trying to think, even of one positive thing is almost impossible.  It also gives the nurses something to ask me about.  Why the picture of a shoe?  Oh those were the shoes I wore to son number two’s wedding.  Why the chop sticks?  Oh that was a famous and wonderful Sushi restaurant we dined at for our anniversary.  Every flower arrangement I have gratefully received, we take a picture.  I get to look at the bouquets over and over and over.  I have tons of pictures of the grandgirlies.  Some smiling, however, the pouting ones or the “naughty” ones make me smile the biggest.  I have pictures of Sweet Liberty in all her golden glory.  Picture of Mr. Right.  Pictures of friends and of my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. There is a picture of the Big Wheel in Seattle.  Pictures of the beach in Oregon.   I have a fat orange polka dot ribbon tied onto it to hold.  I love that color right now.  I may change it in days to come, but for now orange and polka dots suit me fine. DSCN0500

My picture ring reminds me to be happy and grateful.  It reminds me how much I have in my life.  It is a gentle yet physical reminder that I have people (and a dog) who need me.  Who want me to heal and thrive.  Sometimes, in the middle of the muck and fire or the fluffy bed resting to get well…… pictures nudge me in the right direction.  DSCN0502

I am learning so much lately.  I hope I am learning from really lovely people how to help others when they are at their lowest.  I hope I am kind and thoughtful.  I hope that I share really great ideas that actually help and lift another person up.  I am being gently reminded that yes, Daleen, there are angels among us… and it feels lovely to be bathed in the grace of friendship. DSCN0503

2 thoughts on “could you please pass me that key ring?

    1. HI there girlfriend, YES please make your mom one! Don’t fuss over quality or the perfect picture. It just makes you feel so good and happy to look at those pics and smile and smile and remember. Your Mom will LOVE it. You my dear are kind and thoughtful to think of her. So glad I wrote about it. Please, please pass it on. even if you don’t have a laminator, you could use clear contact paper.
      Makes me sad your mom is in the hospital ( I will lift her up in prayer). Makes me giddy as a school girl that she will be getting a little key ring of pure goodness. So GLAD you stopped by today. Thanks for making my day a bit more lovely. Hugs. D

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