Oh la la, it’s Tuesday, Say Grace & grab a silver spoon

tea light heartA friend told me today, that she has been cleaning up and organizing her green house and preparing to start her plantings for the new year.  She is plotting and planning and dreaming.  Oh the day dreaming.   I have discovered, that when you tell people you are sick, some of them look at you sadly.  They are thinking, gee, she is so young.  Gee, when will she start looking more sickly.  Sad she has to cancel trip plans, how much longer does she have etc…………then when you least expect it, out of no where, just an ordinary day…………my friend says, I am planning on planting Basil for you.  It will be a while before I plant, then a few months to really get to growin’.  Then we can transfer to your home and you will have to take care of it and tend to it.  Water, pamper, baby it…………..then you can harvest and use on your pizza or use it in your sauce that you make…………………………She ACTED like I will pull up my (cute and sassy) boot straps and hang around to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  She ACTED like nothing had changed.  She ACTED like I will be around to eat the basil and talk about it and share with her what I used it in. All in one swoop, my world tilted.  She has not one single doubt, I need to encourage her through another gardening season and another and another.  She gave me a couple of dirt covered gardening gloves full of hope.  yep, just like that.

It sort of feels like the next several months will go by much quicker, to have a friend who will clasp hands with me and jump, skip, run, hop (all while screaming at the top of our lungs) over some very hot glowing red coals.

Speaking of red……………Valentine’s Day is upon us.  You know you want to make a really sassy, delish dessert for that special someone in your life.  You know Mr. Right is secretly hoping that there is a little something sweet at the end of a wonderful meal.  So hold onto your very cute hats, here is a recipe that is super easy and quick and will make a grown man, grab his spoon and almost, not quite want to dig in before the lady at the table does first.  frozen parfait

You will need a food processor.  Take out some frozen fruit……..I love to use frozen strawberries, raspberries and a few blueberries. Choose your favorites and save a couple out for garnish or to layer in amongst the goodness.  Push the WHIRL and SWIRL button.  Keep pushing.  Okay, now you have little teeny tiny crumbles.  Pour them out into a bowl with sweetened whipped coconut creamhttps://sundayschildfullofgrace.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/its-friday-say-grace-and-dig-in/ (or yes, you can make fresh whipped cream with a touch of sugar and vanilla).  Gently fold together.  Then put the glorious concoction into your fancy parfait glasses.   Actually, my parfait glasses are so tall and skinny a spoon barely fits down to the bottom.   A dollop of sweetened whipped coconut cream and a couple of berries for garnish.  Oh la la, the color is a swirl of pinks and reds and a touch of blue.  The parfait glass looks like it slipped off a gourmet magazine page.  Summer-Harvest-Parfait_thumb1Once you slip that dollop of creamy goodness off that spoon and onto your tongue you will be over the moon happy that you chose that dessert to celebrate LOVE.
Didn’t you know?  Pure berry goodness equals pure love.

So once you have set a lovely table (use the good stuff people, really?  why else do you have it?), SAY GRACE, take your silver spoon and slip it into the creamy parfait, and for the love of red stained fingers from picking berries in the warm summer months, dig in my friend dig in.  When your parfait glass is empty, lean over and smooch that guy (or gal) of yours.

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

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